7 Varieties to Watch Amazing South Korea’s Singers

South Korea's Singers Varieties(Feature Image)
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The K-pop fans absolutely LOVE to watch their favourite idols performing in live music programmes such as SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank and MBC Show! Music Core.

How good are they at singing? Many varieties provide the singers and the public huge opportunities to showcase their singing talents to the wider audiences. They sing their hearts out with uniqueness is what makes them stand out as singers (and it’s not because of their beautiful and handsome looks).

Discover South Korea’s outstanding veteran singers and contestants’ vocal talents in these varieties.

Fantastic Duo

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Fantastic Duo has been running for two seasons – chosen fans are invited to sing their weekly guest singers’ hit songs. Top 3 contestants are selected based on the public votes on their singing video submissions through the Everysing Sing! app.

They compete with each other in the ‘1:3 Random Competition’. From there, each guest singer selects their partner to sing duet together in the final performance. The winning duo with the highest vote out of the 300 audiences will be crowned as the ‘Fantastic Duo’. Their collaboration songs are officially released as singles.

Many amazing episodes feature BIGBANG’s Taeyang, EXO, Ailee, Sechkies, Wheesung, SISTAR, Gummy, Baek Ji-young, IU and other amazing artists.

You will be surprised to see how the contestants put on unbelievable performances!

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Popular singers of the Korean music industry are invited to participate in Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend to showcase their vocal talents.

Seven singers are challenged to sing the legendary singers’ and composers’ classic hits. They need to sing their own reinterpreted versions of these songs including some that are way back from the 1950s! The performance order is decided by random ball drawing. In each round, the singer with the highest votes from 500 audiences wins.

Watch how these singers perform the classic songs with modern vibes that rekindle both young and old audiences’ favourites.

Ailee and B1A4’s Sandeul shines on stage with their amazing performances!

King of Mask Singer

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

In every two episodes, the singers compete one-on-one in three elimination rounds. To make it more exciting, they have to wear masks and costumes to cover their identity!

Both contestants sing the same song in the first round. In the second and third round, they sing their own solo songs. The winners are selected by the audiences’ and panellists’ live votes. The losers have to reveal their identity by removing their masks. The winner of third round battles against the previous winner of King of Mask Singer – either eliminated or crowned as the King of Mask Singer.

Their singing talents are amazing but be prepared to cringe as some contestants are not singers!

The Master

South Korea's Singers Varieties - The Master

(Source: Mnet Twitter)

Well-known singers from various genres perform their talented specialty and compete to become the Master. This show promotes different Korean music genres to the public – jazz, opera, folk, rock, musical, Latin, trot, classic and many more.

Besides performing their own genre, they have to perform others, too. Imagine a jazz artist singing popular trot song followed by a rock musician performing a classical music! The Master is selected based on the highest votes from the audiences.

Be blown away by opera singer Im Sun-hae’s and pansoori singer Jang Mun-hwi’s groundbreaking performances. Musical actress Choi Jeong-won will entertain you with her dazzling performances.

This program is definitely an eye-opener to discover a wide range of Korean music genres beside K-pop.

I Can See Your Voice

South Korea's Singers Varieties - I Can See You Voice

(Source: The Star Malaysia)

I Can See Your Voice offers singers the opportunity in making their dreams become realities.

Every week, the guest artist is invited to the program. The guest artists include Running Man’s Kim Jong-kook, TWICE, Super Junior, F.T Island and EXID.

About ten contestants participate to showcase their singing skills – some of them are talented while others are tone-deaf. Before they perform, the guest artist has to guess who can sing well. With the help of the Tone-deaf Detective team, the guest artist eliminates one to two contestants in each round. The eliminated contestants reveal their talent on the Stage of Truth.

The last contestant will have the chance to sing with the guest artist. The talented singer will release a duet song with the guest artist as a digital single while the tone-deaf contestant will win cash prize.

Don’t judge by their looks as some are vocally talented. The hosts’, guest artists’ and panellists’ comments about the contestants’ looks and singing performances are funny and light-hearted.

Hidden Singer

South Korea's Singers Varieties - IU in Hidden Singer

IU in Hidden Singer (Source: Soompi)

In Hidden Singer, a popular singer sings together with five contestants behind the doors for four rounds. The panellists and audiences have to vote which one is the real singer. Each contestant is eliminated in each round till there is only the top 3. Together with the popular singer, the top 3 compete to see who will be the winner of having the best voice of the popular singer.

Figure out who is the real singer after listening to every person singing one verse of the song behind the door. All contestants sing exactly the SAME as the real singer’s voice! You will be amazed by their extraordinary vocal talents.

Catch up with these amazing episodes featuring popular singers IU, Park Jin-young, Im Chang-jung, Kim Jong-kook, SNSD’s Taeyeon and Kim Bum-soo

I am a Singer

South Korea's Singers Varieties - I am A Singer

(Source: Soompi)

Seven veteran singers challenge against each other to prove that they are talented singers. They are given missions to perform to the selected audiences. They are guided and supported by their mentor throughout their preparation before they go live.  Each week, the singer with the least votes (based on average ranking) will be eliminated.

Watch how these veteran singers strive to perform their chosen songs magnificently. Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Bum-soo, Gummy and Insooni are one of the outstanding singers to watch in this series. They work so hard to be recognized as professional singers in the listeners’ and critics’ mind.

These South Koreans sure know how to sing! They blow our minds with their outstanding talents, leaving us with plenty of goosebumps and even move us to tears. These varieties are the ‘must-watch’ shows to discover South Korean singers’ amazing vocal performances.

Who are your favourite South Korea’s singers? Tell us why you like them.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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