10 Things that You Might Know about Song Ji-hyo

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Are you a big fan of Running Man? If you are then you could probably easily name every cast member including actress Song Ji-hyo.

What else you know about Ji-hyo unni (or noona) besides her swift moves, wits, and beauty? Here are 10 amazing facts about the ace.

She is a variety pro

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She has been the regular cast of Running Man since the very beginning it was broadcasted! Not just any female variety star, she knows how to entertain the viewers with her athletic skills and funny skits.

She has many nicknames due to her intriguing personality and surprising talents – Mong Ji-hyo (Blank Ji-hyo), Song Ji-yok (swears a lot), and Ace. With her nerves of steel and angelic heart, she always teases and takes care of her fellow team members. She has great chemistry with other members that viewers give different couple names like Monday Couple, Mongdol Sisters, and Spartace.

It is so hilarious how she slaps and does fly kicks to the guys. She does the same during her guest appearance in Men on a Mission where she slaps Kang Ho-dong’s forehead hard!

She is definitely one of the top female variety stars!

She is a sleepyhead

Song Ji-hyo - Sleepyhead

(Source: Mnet America)

Once she closes her eyes, in 3 seconds, she will automatically fall into a deep sleep. She can literally sleep ANYWHERE! Not only in the car, she slept on top of a 7-meter tall Jenga stick. There are times that she slept with her mouth wide open.

Despite her odd sleeping habits, she still looks funny and cute. It is even funnier when she does missions while half-asleep. That’s why she was nicknamed as Mong Ji-hyo.

She got the role in a classic horror film

Song Ji-hyo - Wishing Stairs

(Source: Asianwiki)

Her acting career began with her big screen debut in a horror film!

In 2003, she went for casting audition for horror film Wishing Stairs, the third film for Whispering Corridors series. Out of 3,000 girls, she was selected to star as the film’s leading female character, Yoon Jin-sung.

As Jin-sung, she climbs the wishing stairs and makes a wish that she is selected to be enrolled to a Russian ballet school instead of her best friend, So-hee. So-hee commits suicide, returns as a horrid spirit, and haunts her.

Her scary expressions and piercing gaze will leave you in chills. We would love to see her more in horror dramas and films.

She acted in a royal fairytale drama

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Do you remember Min Hyo-rin from Princess Hours? That delicate and sneaky character is played by none other than Song Ji-hyo!

She acts a ballerina who has feelings for Crown Prince Lee Shin (Ju Ji-hoon) and does whatever it takes to stop his marriage with Chae-kyong (Yoon Eun-hye) from happening.

She wasn’t keen on acting in dramas and wanted to focus on films, instead. This huge opportunity came to her and she immediately said yes! What makes her striking is how she stirs things up in a love triangle between Lee Shin and Chae-kyeong.

If you didn’t notice her in Princess Hours, it’s time to binge-watch this classic hit series.

She studied a totally different major in university

Many actors and actresses studied art major such as music, film, and theatre at universities. That’s not the case for her.

She graduated with a tax accounting degree from Kyungmoon University (now Kookje College)! It is a type of accounting that focuses on tax issues, such as filing tax returns and planning for future tax responsibilities.

In high school, Song Ji-Hyo had dreamed of becoming an actress, but decided to pursue her studies. Thankfully, she was casted while she was working part-time at a café and the rest is history.

Her degree may have nothing to do with acting but that doesn’t stop her career from blossoming.

She plays a persistent news reporter

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In crime action Detectives in Troubles, she acts Min-joo, a reporter getting exclusive news about the homicide cases whilst assisting in Se-hyuk’s (Song Il-gook) and Il-do’s (Lee Jong-hyuk) investigation.

Stubborn, naïve, and courageous, she goes on a whirlwind in catching the culprits and reporting the truths about the homicides. Sit through to watch the ‘slowly-but-surely’ romance with Se-hyuk.

She depicts romance in humorous ways

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Have your hearts ready as she depicts bittersweet moments in Emergency Couple, Listen to Love, Ex-Girlfriend’s Club, and her latest film What a Man Wants. When it comes to relationship, she is one of the most ideal actresses to portray ‘down-to-earth’ love scenarios.

Watch the full episodes of Listen to Love here or Download the Viu app

Getting back together after a divorce, dating behind her husband’s back, meeting ex-girlfriends and her ex-boyfriend, being cheated – she pulls off almost every scene and ignites blossoming chemistry with other cast.

She either pierces arrows through your heart, melts your heart with a jar full of honey, or BOTH. One way or another, she knows how to make the storylines more entertaining.

Sibling love for her younger brother

Song Ji-hyo - Cheon Seong-moon

(Source: Soompi)

Since young, she has always been giving plenty of affection (and ‘love’ bullying) to her younger brother Cheon Seong-moon, an aspiring model-turned-actor. He has taken the same route as she did as she started as a model before becoming an actress!

He has made a couple of appearances with his elder sister in Running Man and Beautiful Life. Both of them acted together in web drama series 29gram, a story about four social media stars. He did a cameo appearance in What a Man Wants.

Look how adorable these two siblings bicker at each other – he reveals surprising truths about how she bullies him and complains when they do aerial yoga for couples.

She is sentimental in historical genres

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She may be athletic, cute, and funny but she is emotional, too. Her extraordinary performance in playing historical characters in Fugitive of Joseon, Gyebaek, A Frozen Flower, and Jumong speak for itself.

From a nurse to a king’s wife, her delicate emotions conveyed through deep dialogues stand out among others. The subtle pain expressed in simple but strong words will leave you in goosebumps.

She is into beauty and lifestyle

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She is a beauty but she is very clueless on how to style her own look.  Also, she’s curious about how to have a healthier lifestyle. As the host of Beauty View and Beautiful Life, she introduces various topics related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Together with special guests, she introduces the latest trends and simple tips that you can do without having too much hassles.

If she can do it, you can do it, too!

In a nutshell, Song Ji-hyo hits the homerun in acting, hosting, and variety. Her high school dream is becoming an actress and look where she is now! Tough and beautiful, she is not afraid to go beyond her limits.

What do you like about Song Ji-hyo? What are your favourite show and/or film starring Song Ji-hyo?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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