5 Things We Love About ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’

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Our viewers do love What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? They’re obviously gushing over while watching the sweet drama couple Young-joon and Mi-so. Lots of funny and romantic scenes with twists make us feel tingly inside. It has been getting high ratings every week (10.6% as its highest so far), too!

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Here are 5 things that made What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? one of the most buzzworthy K-drama series of all time.

Park Seo-joon, a charming gentleman

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Young-joon

Park Seo-joon, the king of romantic comedy, pulls off his charming gestures through his ground-breaking role in this latest series. His role as the vice chairman of Yumyung Group, Young-joon, is comparably different than his previous character in She Was Pretty.

He melts the ladies’ hearts and sweeps them off their feet romantically. With his all-rounded and sharp personality (and his hot look in both casual wear and suit), he totally immerses with his character in any given situation – a captivating romance with Secretary Mi-so, serious but funny conversation with colleagues, and his sentimental side while revealing Young-joon’s tragic childhood memory.

He is every lady’s ideal man.

Park Min-young, a down-to-earth lady

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Mi-so

Park Min-young shows a different side of hers as this is her first romantic comedy that she leads in. She is probably everyone’s crush at the moment.

Acting as Secretary Mi-so, she does whatever she can in assisting her demanding boss, Young-joon. Many viewers can relate to how she put herself as a secretary and as a woman who seeks love and happiness outside work.

Her cool-headed, funny, and spiteful personality (including her tigress glare) are some of the many reasons why viewers want to be just like her.

Alluring romantic scenes

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Romantic scene

Yes, the romantic scenes that have Young-joon and Mi-so in them definitely make our hearts over-excitedly and feel fuzzy inside at the same time!

There are a couple of romantic scenes to look out for – an amusement park date, Mi-so’s special ‘day-off’ date, living together in the same house for a couple of nights, and many, many more!

These scenes garner the most reactions from our viewers. We know some watch them a couple of times, too!

Traumatic childhood memories

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Childhood memory

Their love story blossoms thanks to their tragic but beautiful childhood memories.

Mi-so searches for her first love whom she stayed together at an abandoned house after she was kidnapped by a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, Young-joon has a horrible experience at a young age that he doesn’t want to tell till he slowly opens his heart to Mi-so.

We don’t want to spill the details but we can tell you that the truth about their childhood memories, revealed at its climax, is pretty intense. It will leave you in shivers and sympathize towards Young-joon and Mi-so.

Amazing supporting characters

Let’s not forget about the supporting characters that add plenty of kicks to the series and its drama couple’s love story. Sentimental Young-joon’s older brother and the hilarious employees of Yumyong Corporate Group capture the viewer’s attention with their intriguing charms.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Sung-yeon

Young-joon’s older brother, Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan), believes that he is victim of an unfortunate incident. As he pursues his ‘love’ for Mi-so, an intense love triangle with Young-joon begins.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Yoo-shik

There are couple of funny employees of Yumyung Corporate Group who tickle our funny bones. Yoo-shik (Kang Ki-young), Young-joon’s best friend, shows lots of bromance and gives love advice to Young-joon. Also, there are two side characters’ love stories – smart but arrogant Gwi-nam (Chansung) & innocent-looking Ji-a (Pyo Ye-jin) and funny diva Se-ra (Hwang Bo-ra) & shy superhero Yang-cheol (Kang Hong-suk).

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Employees of Yumyong Corporate Group

The supporting cast has done splendidly in portraying their refreshing characters and various personal and relatable situations.

Amazing ‘Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young‘ love chemistry, sweet and cheesy romance scenes, refreshing storyline, lovable supporting cast…it’s no wonder What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is one of the best romantic comedies that viewers can’t stop talking about it. You definitely can’t leave this out from your ‘binge-watching Asian drama series’ list.

Watch the full episodes of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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