5 Things to Like About ‘Radio Romance’

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You probably have seen a couple of Korean dramas – such as Jealousy Incarnate, The Lord of The Drama, and The Producers – that explore the world of Korean music, entertainment, and TV broadcasting news.

But what about radio? Well now there is! Radio Romance, starring popular casts Kim So-hyun and Yoon Doo-joon, invites viewers to see how the production team and DJs run their own radio shows.

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How is it different from other Korean dramas? Here are 5 great things about Radio Romance!

Create connections with just sound

Radio Romance (1)

Director Kim Shin-il’s intention is to highlight the importance of having radio shows for people to listen to. Like the drama’s memorable line ‘I’ll draw everything so that you can see everything,’ just by hearing the sounds give a sense of comfort and imagination between radio DJs and listeners.

It is a heart-warming tale about how people find and share happiness by just listening to the radio while they are driving, commuting or relaxing at their own comfy spaces.

Kim So-hyun’s first bubbly character

Radio Romance (2)

Actress Kim So-hyun has so far always been playing serious characters in The Suspicious Housekeeper, Who Are You: School 2015, Page Turner, Bring it On, Ghost, and Ruler: Master of the Mask.

In Radio Romance, she plays a totally different role from her previous projects. This time she’s the  funny and cheerful one! She acts as an aspiring radio scriptwriter, Geu-rim, who strives to write for her own radio show. At the same time, Geu-rim hopes her beautiful written words would reach out to her blind mother.

You can’t help but admire her beautiful smile and optimistic personality in Radio Romance.

Yoon Doo-joon’s major acting comeback

Radio Romance (3)

Remember idol-turned-actor Yoon Doo-joon who acted as foodie Dae-young in the Let’s Eat series?

After being away for two years, he makes his return to your screens by taking his first leading role in Radio Romance. He plays as star-studded A-list actor Soo-ho, loved by the cameras and relies on his scripts. His character becomes a radio DJ which he doesn’t have either of these advantages and has to find ways to connect to his listeners.

Yoon Doo-joon’s emotional portrayal of a top celebrity who is psychologically suffering shows how much he has improved since we last saw him.

Heart-pounding romance between Geu-rim and Soo-ho

Radio Romance (4)

Did you know that Kim So-hyun and Yoon Doo-joon previously starred in IRIS 2 and Bring it On, Ghost?

They reunite in Radio Romance taking on their first leading roles together. They are one of the most talked-about drama couples that many viewers are looking forward to see them this year!

The two leading characters in Radio Romance have contrasting personalities – Soo-ho breaks away from his scripted life while Geu-rim does whatever she can in using ‘sounds’ to touch the listeners’ hearts.

We are very excited to see how this lovely drama couple able to put on their amazing chemistry and create memorable romantic scenes!

Eye-catching supporting cast members

Radio Romance (5)

Let’s not forget about actor Yoon Park and Girl’s Day Yura who add sparks to Radio Romance.

Yoon Park acts as Lee Kang, a talented producing director with a peculiar personality but has high expectations in his works. Girl’s Day Yura plays as top actress Tae-ri whose career goes downhill after a scandal. She makes use of Soo-ho’s dark secret to reboot her career.

Radio Romance is definitely a ‘one-of-the-kind’ Korean drama that looks into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ in radio stations and brings people closer through the sounds of radio.

Tell us what do you like about Radio Romance?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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