9 Things to Like About Song Hye-kyo

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Actress Song Hye-kyo, a top-notch Korean celebrity with versatile acting and flawless beauty. Not only is she huge in the Asia, she is internationally famous! She’s also the wife of actor Song Joong-ki, making them the Song-Song couple, one of the hottest couples in the Korean entertainment.

We compiled 9 amazing facts about what makes her so impressive besides her leading role in Descendants of the Sun.

She played notable roles in early 2000s hit K-dramas

Song Hye-kyo - Full House

Full House (Source: Soompi)

Did you know that she acted in ‘Hallyu wave’ dramas Full House and Autumn in My Heart?

Song Hye-kyo - Autumn in My Heart

Autumn in My Heart(Source: Sidomi)

These dramas received high viewership due to her portrayals of unrequited romance. From a ‘Cinderella-like’ romance to ‘secret sibling’ relationship, you can’t get enough of the cuteness and twisted dramas.

She acted a couple of unforgettable scenes in these dramas – singing and dancing to ‘Three Bears’ adorably in front of the Young-jae’s family members and asking Tae-sok’s three reasons why he loves her before giving him chance to love again.

She speaks four languages

She speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese fluently!

She took a two-year break in New York. There she studied English in New York for three months and starred in an indie film Make Yourself At Home.

Song Hye-kyo - The Crossing

The Crossing (Source: K-pop Herald)

With her international big-screen appearances in The Grandmasters, The Crossing, and The Queens, she learned to speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Even John Woo, director of The Crossing, was impressed by her dedication in acting out her scenes.

She also spoke Japanese in local entertainment programs.

There is no language barrier for her to talk to her fans across the world!

She played a Korean female historical figure

Song Hye-kyo - Hwang Jin-yi

Watch the full film here or Download the Viu app

Hwang Jin-yi, a Joseon gisaeng seeking perfection in art and overcoming hardships as women are treated with low status. Originally, Jeon Ji-hyun and Soo Ae were casted for that role.

She desired to play Hwang Jin-yi but the production team thought that she is too cute. To change their minds, she went on a strict diet and proved her willingness to play Hwang Jin-yi.

Be amazed by her strong emotional portrayal of Hwang Jin-yi’s heartbreaking story.

She connects herself with melancholy characters

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She put herself in her characters’ shoes, emphasising on the struggles and hope in overcoming illness and disabilities.

  • That Winter, The Wind Blows – a blind heiress in a relationship with a con man pretending to be her long-lost brother
  • My Brilliant Life – a mother watches her song who is diagnosed with progeria (aging fast at an early age)

Song Hye-kyo - My Brilliant Life

(Source: Young Post)

Viewers and critics are awed by her stunning performances. She was moved by the storylines and characters that most probably influence her to be involved in charities and donations for the needy.

She is a role model in beauty and fashion

Song Hye-kyo - Beauty and Fashion

(Source: Wow Keren)

Her natural beauty led her to be featured in many beauty and fashion brands including Laniege, Sulwhasoo, and ESPIRIT. She looks more stunning in person at major events and fashion spreads.

She has adopted more elegant styles since her wedding with Song Joong-ki. Look at her in her beautiful pink dress and rosy makeup at the Sulwhasoo event!

Keep an eye out of her latest looks if you are looking for some style and makeup inspirations.

She used to be a figure skater

She started figure skating during her junior high school days.

Her magnificent talent has led her to show off her moves in Full House and a mobile phone commercial.

As Song Joong-ki also skate in the past, we would love to see the Song Song couple glide beautifully on the ice skating rink.

She is heavily involved in charity works

With a heart of gold, she contributes to the society by taking part in volunteering program and giving donations to needy.

As she loves animals, she frequently participates in activities protecting animal rights. She mostly takes part in activities related to Korea Animal Rights Advocate (KARA). One of the most significant activities she took part in is helping the stray dogs. She’s not some dainty girl, she is willing to get down and dirty with physically laborious work.

She also provided funding and donations for these projects

  • Building an elementary school in China as part of the ‘The Future Lies with Children’ campaign
  • Proceeds from designing Celine bag project given to the ‘Save the Children’ foundation
  • Developed 1,000 Braille guidebooks for the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan
  • Donated compensation money (won legal case against jewellery brand J.ESTINA) to Beautiful Foundation, a support to aspiring young jewellery designers
  • Took part in the charity bazaar to raise funds for supporting women in the film industry
  • Collaboration with professor Seo Kyung-duk – creating and providing Korean guidebooks about the historical sites outside Korea

Her romantic fairytale

Watch the full episodes of Worlds Within here or Download the Viu app

She dated Hyun Bin (co-star of Worlds Within) and Lee Byung-hun (co-star of All In) but it didn’t work out after being together for about two years. Having busy schedules, it affected their decisions to part ways.

Watch the full episodes of Descendants of the Sun here or Download the Viu app

She finally found her prince charming Song Joong-ki whom she acted together with in hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun. There she plays a doctor while Song Joong-ki plays a military captain of the Special Forces. Watching them how lovely there are in, it turns out that they love each other off-set! They kept their relationship private till they were officially married.

Her photo essay inspired many women

Hye-kyo’s Time consists of a compilation of photos and stories about her daily lives as an actress and as a woman. Those were taken during her travels outside Korea including New York, Paris, and Brazil. She expressed her experiences including her difficulties in debuting at an early age.

Not only it is a warm letter to her fans, it brings closer to the women in their 20s and 30s. She emphasized a lot on thoughts and worries related to her work and life.

Song Hye-kyo is definitely a phenomenal woman and a talented actress! Down-to-earth, kind-hearted, and beautiful. Song Joong-ki is so lucky to have her as his wife.

Share with us what else you know about Song Hye-kyo.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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