4 Things to Know about Viu Malaysia Original ‘Salon’

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Get ready to be entertained by our three upcoming Viu Malaysia Original series directed by local production houses. In partnership with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN), these series will be aired on ntv7 as a first run followed by Viu in Malaysia.

Both viewers and Viu-ers (including YOU) will be captivated by the thrilling stories, captivating characters, and amazing cinematography created by talented local content makers.

First up is Salon, a twisted dark comedy, directed by veteran content maker for television and film, Kabir Bhatia.

Here’s what you need to know about this series that will be coming out in September.

What is Salon about?

Set in the world of the beauty industry, a female vigilante searches for the killer who slaughtered her family in a quest for vengeance.

Maria (played by Julia Farhana) grew up in an orphanage. However, she also has a dark side: she had psychopathic tendencies – she had no issues punishing people who harmed the innocent; often violently. Soon after being adopted, she gained greater stability in overcoming her psychopathic tendencies but that changed abruptly when her adopted parents were murdered.

In present day, with revenge in her mind, she takes on a new identity as Anna and runs a salon in the scenic Malacca.

Who’s the director behind the camera?

Kabir Bhatia is no stranger to depicting stories, inspired by Malaysia’s historical past and present society, in his works. His notable films include Setem (2009), Sembunyi: Amukan Azazil (2013), Gila Baby (2014), and Bisik Pada Langit (2017). His recent feature film Pulang (2018), based on a true couple story happened in the 40s, has received great feedback about its touching storyline and clear-cut cinematography.

His latest series Salon will show how far he and his team can push the boundaries of Malaysian productions. What attracted him to direct this series is portraying the central role of its leading character, Anna. He mentioned that Salon will take you to into the realistic world of glamor filled with sick and twisted people in different directions.

What about the cast and characters?

Salon Cast

Julia Farhana, Idris Khan, Corinne Adrienne, and Josiah Hogan

Salon’s leading female character, Anna, is played by Julia Farhana (Asam Pedas Untuk Dia, Cinta Rollercoaster). She is also playing Anna’s dark persona, Maria. As Anna and Maria, while seeking revenge for her adopted parents’ death, she slowly opens up to others and discovers about herself while being careful with those around her..

Idris Khan (Pinggan Tak Retak, Nasi Tak Dingin, Cik Serba Tahu) acts as Detective Sam, an Interpol private investigator. He is the one who puts the puzzle pieces together that brings the story forward. His character is a street smart and has experience in solving various crimes. Compared to his previous projects, you will be a huge difference as he plays a straightforward and blunt guy who gets into a complicated relationship with Anna.

Corinne Adrienne (Degupan Lisa, Spinning Gasing) is back on TV with Salon as her first since Degupan Lisa in 2012. She plays Anna’s friend, Xandra who ends up being Anna’s sidekick on her dark crusade. Like Anna, Xandra has a painful past – she was a victim of a paedophile. Playing her character that is totally not related to her in real life, it is a great opportunity to stretch her character development and portrayal by working on her characteristics.

Josiah Hogan (KL Special Force, Surf This Love: Gelora Juara) is not only the host for Strange Encounters but he is also an actor, known for playing noir and psycho characters. In Salon, he acts as playboy David, a rich and suave gentleman who knows how to treat women well. He knows about Anna’s murderous alter ego but he is not so innocent himself, causing others to be suspicious about him. He is the series’ main antagonist whom you will love and hate.

Why you should watch Salon?

Salon BTS Still 2

It is a story about love, revenge, and justice filled with distinctive characters. This twisted tale invites viewers to create their own perceptions about its characters in various parallels. With steady paced character development in every episode, you will be fascinated its characters’ charms as well as the beautiful sets in Malacca. Who did it? Why they did it? Is Anna really the only serial killer around? Find out who is the real killer.

Maria, Anna, and Xandra are totally different from the typical female roles (especially heroines) that you have seen on screens. It is the rise and fall of women going up against the dark side of modern society.

Rich and poor; love and hate; twisted and normal – Salon mirrors what Malaysian society is facing today.

Watch this exciting series with Malay subtitles on Media Prima’s ntv7 and Viu.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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