11 Things You Should Know About Descendants of the Sun’s Song Joong-ki

Song Joong-ki - Feature Image
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Song Joong-ki, an actor you (and probably your mom’s dog) have seen from Descendants of the Sun is one of the biggest K-stars today. He has since built himself up as one of the most sought after actors in the Korean entertainment industry. Oh yeah, he’s also married to Song Hye-kyo. You could say he’s doing pretty well for himself.

Check out 11 amazing facts about this dashing actor.

He was one of the Running Man cast members

Song Joong-ki - Running Man

(Source: Soompi)

He was among the first members of Running Man when it was broadcasted in 2010. There were some funny moments but he failed many times on different missions which was why he was considered the least favourite member.

That was probably for the best because he left to focus on his acting!

He started his acting career with a supporting role in Sungkyungkwan Scandal

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All eyes were on him when he played Yong-ha, a charming ladies’ man in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. His character knows that Yun-hee is a woman but does not reveal this secret and starts to have feelings for her.

This is probably when everyone started to take notice of him from his prince charming aura!

He took part in a nature documentary

Song Joong-ki - Tears of the Antarctic

(Source: Soompi)

He was one of the narrators (including Ahn Sung-ki, Kim Nam-gil, and Hyun Bin) for a touching documentary Tears of the Antarctic – an exploration of the Antarctic’s ecosystem and the life of emperor penguins.

He was moved by watching the penguin’s family love. Right after receiving his pay, he donated all of them to the underprivileged.

He made an acting breakthrough in The Innocent Man

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Innocent Man is one of his most successful dramas. In it he portrays a melancholy character. As Maru, he depicts his character who is betrayed by his ex-lover and decides to get back at her. How? By taking her stepdaughter as his lover and break the ladies’ heart.

It is painful to watch but he sure knows how to twist the story around that makes us love and hate his character.

He cries a lot for a reason

(Source: KBS World YouTube)

When he started with Descendants of the Sun, he has been crying a lot that his nickname is ‘Crybaby’. He cried on set when he was stressed out. He also cried at the wedding as he read his vows to Song Hye-kyo at the wedding ceremony.

That’s not all! He cried while Park Bo-gum gave a tearful acceptance speech at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards where he won the Top Excellence in Acting Award. The fans nicknamed both of them as the ‘Crybaby Brothers’.

Song Joong-ki really cares for Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum as they are on the same boat together.

He plays a quiet werewolf

Song Joong-ki - A Werewolf Boy

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In A Werewolf Boy, he plays the lost werewolf boy, Chul-soo, taken care by Soon-yi in a village.

With only saying just a few lines, his thoughts and feelings toward various situations are amazingly shown through his body language and facial expressions. His impactful acting hits the viewers’ hearts!

Used to be a short track speed skater

Back in his school days, he was a national short track speed skater for 12 years! Representing his hometown, Daejeon, he competed in the National Sports Festival three times and won awards at other major events.

He left the world of sport after suffering an injury and decided to pursue another path.

Still, you can see how he glides fast at the ice skating rink in drama series Triple where he plays Poong-ho, a national short track speed skating athlete.

Descendants of the Sun made him internationally famous

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He was selected as the leading character Yoo So-jin in Descendants of the Sun, one of the most highly rated Korean dramas. This role was rejected by Won Bin, Jo In-sung, Gong Yoo, and Kim Woo-bin due to their concerns with having their hair shaved, being filmed overseas, and it was 100% pre-produced instead of produced while the drama was aired.

It was a beautiful moment for him to meet his dream woman, actress Song Hye-kyo on set. We enjoyed watching their romantic chemistry as the drama’s leading couple but we didn’t know those romantic moments were REAL. Their romance blossoms and they start their new life together as a married couple!

He later mentioned that he is not going to act together with his wife in dramas and films because he wants to separate work and love apart. We hope that we can see this lovely couple act together on the same screen in the near future.

He rejected a role in a Netflix drama

He was offered to be starred in a Netflix Original series, Kingdom, a Korean zombie historical drama that follows the prince of Joseon investigating a mysterious epidemic that spreads across the villages.

He immediately turned down the offer because of Song Hye-kyo. That time, he was committed in focusing on the wedding. What a great man he is to choose his wife over a huge role in an international produced drama series!

He’s pretty Bromantic

Song-Joong-Ki - Lee Kwang-soo

(Source: AllKpop)

Since Running Man, Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo have been close like brothers since FOREVER. You can clearly see their bromance when they appear on each other’s dramas.

Lee Kwang-soo had appeared in Song Joong-ki’s dramas as special cameos – Maru’s close buddy in The Innocent Man and a game stall owner in Descendants of the Sun. Song Joong-ki also left a sweet message to Lee Kwang-soo at one of the Descendants of the Sun scenes.

Their bromance is even sweeter when Lee Kwang-soo jokes about him and Song Hye-kyo after he found out that they are getting married. Being Song Joong-ki’s best man at his wedding is one of the most memorable moments ever!

We are amazed by how they keep their bromance and friendship going for a very long time. We hope it continues on till they have grey hair.

He’s cycled all around Sydney

Song Joong-ki - Cycle in Sydney

(Source: Soompi)

In 2010, he missed the chance to travel due to his busy schedules including his regular MC post for Music Bank. Finally, he was given the huge opportunity to go on a bicycle tour around Sydney in Australia which is shown through ELLE at TV, an offshoot fashion magazine, in two parts. He had visited the Circular Quay, The Rocks, Newtown, and Sydney University.

To him, it’s not the feeling of being in the foreign country but more of enjoying the atmosphere in the neighbourhood. It was a great feeling for him to relax before he returned to his usual daily work.

We are looking forward to see him back on screens after he settles down and spent time with his wife.

Tell us what you like about charming Song Joong-ki!

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