4 Things You Should Know About ‘Angels in White’ (Medical)

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Florence Nightingale, an angel in white and a lady with the lamp. She aided the wounded especially during her night shifts. Like her, nurses take their profession seriously. The latest Fuji TV series Angels in White depicts the nurses’ experiences in a nursing school, hospitals, and their own personal lives.

Failing to enter into a university, Rumi Kizaki (Yua Shinkawa) studies at Keirin Medical University Nursing School whilst trying to retake the university entrance exam. She has no plans to become a nurse because she doesn’t socialize well with people. After going through with her Nursing course she discovers more about herself and others. She then changes her mind and decides to become a nurse.

Here are 4 things you should know about this coming-of-age medical drama.

The ins and outs of nursing

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Its storyline starts with the nurses being trained at Keirin Medical University Medical School followed by their internships at the hospital.

These nurses learn through hands-on experiences in providing proper care to patients and assistance to doctors and surgeons. You will be amazed how they deal with different walks of life in the medical field.

The characters’ side stories

Angels in White - Characters

This series also looks into various characters with their own stories to tell.

  • Chinatsu Yamada (Sairi Itoh) – An above average nurse. Does her best in learning the ropes of nursing
  • Noriko Saeki (Miki Sakai) – A working mother. Takes care of her children and works at the hospital every day.
  • Fujika Tono (Honami Sato) – Smart and arrogant lady. Seeking revenge by finding the doctor who caused her younger sister’s death in a minor surgery.

Side-by-side, they have each other’s back whilst understanding their differences. It is stressful for them to manage their work and personal lives but, in the end, you can see the smiles and warmth from their hearts.

A mix of romance and friendship

Angels in White - Romance

Rumi gets herself into two love triangles – Shunya Hino (Toshiki Seto) and Doctor Takumi Hishikawa (Sho Kiyohara) have feelings for her; her close friend Chinatsu has a crush on Shunya since high school.

Knowing Chinatsu loves Shunya, Rumi doesn’t want to ruin their close friendship because of romance.

Whom is she going to be with in the end? Will she chose friendship over love?

Women seeking happiness in life

Angels in White - Women

Not just about medical and romance, be inspired by how women discover their own true selves and find their happiness in life.

They make choices and sacrifices in order to fulfil their ambitions. At the same time, some ponder about where these decisions will take them to. Look at Rumi going on a self-discovery journey! She is not alone as her colleagues, her first love, and patients are there to encourage her.

This is definitely a shout out to all the women who are probably on the same boat as them.

As the angels in white filled with beautiful colours, Rumi and the others are here to comfort you with their moving stories.

Watch the full episodes of Angels in White here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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