5 Thai Romance Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Skip

Thai Romance - I See You (Thai)
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Thailand, a paradise filled with food, shopping, and smiles. One of the most popular holiday destinations to eat, shop, and soak in the breeze at one of their many tropical islands.

This year, Thai films and dramas are starting to make waves in Malaysia. Look at ‘Bad Genius’ (hit RM5 million in Malaysian box office in three days!) and the 1st Thai Film Festival in Malaysia. They are breaking into the Malaysian market by introducing various genre films to the viewers.

This has led the Thai romance drama production teams to join in the wave. These dramas grab the viewers’ hearts (especially those who love Korean romance dramas). Although some are adapted from K-dramas (like Coffee Prince Thai and Oh My Ghostess), other dramas have their own original storytelling with surprises and (of course) clichés.

Here are 5 Thai romance dramas which will spark your love for Thailand more.

Kiss (2016)

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Rating: 7.3 on MyDramaList

A mixture of love and laughter will tickle your feelings when you watch this romantic comedy.

Tomboy university student, Sandee is confused and shocked after finding herself naked together with her friend, Thada, at Peter’s house. They can’t remember what happened last night at their friends’ party. So, they decided to keep this a secret.

Follow Sandee’s journey as she struggles as an intern in a magazine publication and her push-and-pull romance with Thada.

Hormones (2015)

Thai Romance - Hormones (Thai)

(Source: BoxAsian)

Rating: 8.2 on MyDramaList

Time to walk down the high school memory lane with coming-of-age romance Hormones.

This series (3 seasons in total) showcases Thai high school students’ experiences in relationship, sexuality, bullying, peer groups, and family.

It takes you back to how you experience as a high school student.

I See You (2016)

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Rating: 7.3 on MyDramaList

Thailand makes AMAZING horror films, we all know this. Great films like Shutter (2004), Alone (2007), and Coming Soon (2008) give us nightmares.. What about putting horror and romance together in a drama? Well, I See You will surprise you.

Pairin started her nursing job at Karunarak Hospital which is haunted. The twist? she has the supernatural power to see and talk to ghosts. With the help of her ghost friends, she solves the mysterious illnesses plaguing the patients at the hospital.

In a nutshell, the balance of horror and romance in every episode will make your heart shake with fear and excitement.

Ka Badin (2015)

Thai Romance - Ka Badin (Thai)

(Source: BoxAsian)

Rating: 8.7 on MyDramaList

More romance? Here’s one with royalty!

Set in the era of King Nang Klao, an heir to the throne-turned-elephant keeper, Haym meets her childhood friend Lamduan, a leading actress of a dance troupe in Amphawa. They soon fall in love with each other. One day, another man wants to take Lamduan away for himself. In order to increase his status and rescue his lover, Haym joins the military forces and became the nation’s hero, Badin.

Romance in a historical drama with a strong plot and light-hearted dialogue will trigger your desire to binge watch this whole series.

For You (2016)

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Rating: 7.4 on MyDramaList

Need to get your drama on with a super dramatic romance series? Then you’ll have to watch For You! This one is pretty intense.

Star-crossed lovers Chanon and Antika are in a relationship, received with her father’s blessings. One day, Atibed stops Chanon’s career growth from happening by framing him. After Chanon’s release from prison, everything but his relationship with Antika has changed. They struggle to keep the relationship together while everyone else is trying to ruin it.

You will be frustrated and relieved as you watch the ups-and-downs in their relationship as it’s constantly being attack by others.

Thai dramas have diverse and mesmerizing storylines with bits of memorable clichés that will leave you wanting to watch more. Handsome actors and beautiful actresses will sweep you off your feet with their quirky & emotional acting (that only the Thais can pull off). These romance dramas hopefully will be on your spotlight right next to K-dramas and J-dramas.

Want to see more Thai dramas? Which Thai dramas would you like to see on Viu?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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