5 Addictive Snacks to Eat While Watching Your Favourite Shows

Addicting Snacks to Eat While Binge-watching - Feature Image
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You are probably thinking right now about what you would like to snack on during your binge-watching sessions.

Here are some interesting snack ideas inspired by our favourite dramas to keep you company and share them with your family and friends. Warning: You’ll be craving for these snacks and will want to have them ASAP!


Snacks - Chips

Welcome to Waikiki – Doo-sik enjoys his bag of chips

Munching down the crispy chips will make your binge-watching experience more enjoyable. The savoury smell & taste and crunchy sound of chips will make your mouth water. Once you have a bite of it, you can’t help but grabbing more from the bag of chips because it is so addictive!

Try the F.EAST Potato Chips (Singapore Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice), Tasto Potato Chips Crab Curry Flavour, and Chitato Indomie Goreng to savour the flavours of Southeast Asian delicacies. If you are a HUGE fan of salted egg fish skin chips, go for Irvins or Snack’cy.

Must-have snacks to try: F.EAST Potato Chips (Singapore Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice), Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin, Calbee Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Potato Chips, Snack’cy Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips, Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, Smith’s Crinkle Cut Chips, Tasto Potato Chips Crab Curry Flavor, Chitato Indomie Goreng Chips, and Doritos Chips


Snacks - Chocolate

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon – Bong-soon gives lots of ‘chocolate’ love to Min-hyuk

Chocolate is one of our best friends. This delight comforts you especially when you are watching tear-jerking shows.

Instead of having the regular Kit Kat chocolate bars, why not try something different? Try Japan’s Kit Kat chocolate bars which are known for their extraordinary flavours like Tokyo Banana and Double Berry & Almond. Love Korean snacks? Enjoy the pleasures of eating South Korea’s ‘local flavour’ chocolates such as green tea, tangerine, and rice wine.

Must-have snacks to try: Kit Kat Tokyo Banana Flavor, KitKat Matcha Double Berry & Almond, Shiroi Koibito (Dark and White Chocolate), Osulloc Jeju Island Green Tea Chocolate Bar, Sugar & Spice Chocolates, Colombin Chocolate (Rice Wine, Hallabong (Tangerine), and Honey Butter Almond), L-GA Chocolates, Colombin Glutinous Rice Cake Chocolate Set, and  Kakao Friends Jeju Chocolate (Ryan & Apeach)

Biscuits and Cookies

Snacks - Cookie

Love in the Moonlight – Ra-on receives a ‘Cookie Hug’ from Crown Prince Lee Young

Boxes of biscuits and cookies are one of the most ideal gifts for special occasions including the long hours of binge-watching with your friends.

Lotte Pepero and Pocky are the most popular biscuit sticks, enjoyed by people of all ages. Love sandwich cookies filled with chocolate? Try Sugar & Spice Chocolate Sandwich Cookie and Tokyo Banana Syally Mate Cookie. Have a taste of the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Honey & Gorgonzola Cookie if you are looking for unique flavours. Korean snack fans should try the Colombin Chocolate Cookie Set and Misong Assorted Fried Sweet Rice Crackers Set.

Must-have snacks to try: Yoku Moku Cookies, Pocky Biscuit Stick 6 Flavour Variety Pack, Lotte Pepero Big Pack (White Cookie, Nude, and Almond), Jenny Bakery Butter Cookies, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Honey & Gorgonzola Cookie, Bourbon Every Burger Chocolate Cookies, Sugar & Spice Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, Tokyo Banana Syally Mate Cookie, Colombin Chocolate Cookie Set, and Misong Assorted Fried Sweet Rice Crackers Set


Snacks - Sweets

The Master’s Sun – Kong-sil is happy with sharing the lollipop with Kang-woo

Having a sweet tooth? Have some candy to give you a boost so you won’t feel sleepy and miss the best parts of the shows.

Go nutty with Taiwan’s Peanut Candy or relish the Sugar & Spice Toffee Crisp Candy. If you are adventurous to try candies from Japan and not sure which to try first, we recommend ordering the Japan Epic Candy Mini which has 8 types of candies and snacks for you to discover.

Must-have snacks to try: Peanut Candy, Moroeya Flower Rabbit Candy, Sugar & Spice Toffee Crisp Candy, Mikakuto Grape Juice Gummy Sweets, Japan Epic Candy Mini, Dylan’S Candy Bar Tackle Box, Cake Nobel Crisp Milk Candies, and Haribo Gummy Bears Mini Bags Sweets

Mini Cakes and Pastries

Snacks - Cake

Queen of Mystery 2 – Seol-ok and Wan-seung savour the delicious cakes at Hee-yeon’s cafe

Craving for cakes but prefer having smaller ones? Enjoy the bite-size cakes and pastries, wrapped in pretty packages. These small treats can be too cute to eat.

Treat yourself with yummy Tokyo Banana’s popular cakes, loved by foodies and travellers around the world, including Original Flavour Sponge Cake and Cream-filled Sponge Cake. Savour Taiwan’s local homemade pineapple cake and sun cake (a flaky cake filled with condensed malt sugar). Matcha lovers should enjoy the bittersweet taste of Kamakura Matcha Cake “Oh! Matcha”.

Must-have snacks to try: Tokyo Banana Cakes in GINZA (Hello KittyMatcha, Strawberry, Apple, and Spring Lemon), Tokyo Banana Original Flavour Sponge Cake, Pineapple Cake from Taiwan, Tzen Chocolate & Peanut Mochi Cake, Sugar & Spice Original Sun Cake, Tokyo Banana Cream-Filled Sponge Cakes, Kee Wah Assorted Pineapple Shortcakes, Kamakura Matcha Cake “Oh! Matcha”, Sugar & Spice Cheese Pineapple Pastry, Chiate Pastry

Getting these exotic snacks from around Asia is now easier than ever. Visit the Jetspree website now to browse and choose from a wide selection of tasty snacks.

What are your must-have snacks to have while watching your favourite shows?

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