9 Shows to Watch on Viu in March 2018

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This month, Queen of Mystery is back with its 2nd season; ‘strong women’ dramas including Mysterious Personal Shopper and Happy Sisters; two more JTBC’s dramas Listen to Love and Madame Antoine; and more exciting Chinese dramas including The Legendary Tycoon, A Scholar Dream of Woman, and The Lover’s Lies.

Binge-watch these exciting Korean and Chinese dramas this month on Viu.

Mysterious Personal Shopper

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You should watch this: If you love complex sisterhood stories with lots of dark secrets and twists

Park Ha-na and Wang Bit-na are well-known Korean melodrama actresses who mostly play romantic roles with men. As the leading actresses of Mysterious Personal Shopper, this is their first drama series to depict an intense relationship among women through love, friendly bond, and deception.

Wealthy heiress Kyung-he, the only granddaughter of a CEO fashion tycoon, is diagnosed with an impulse control disorder that results in a shopping addiction. While shopping at a luxury department store, she meets personal shopper Se-yeon who is raised in a middle-income family and pursues her dreams to become a fashion designer. After numerous encounters, they become close friends and sisters. Of course, not all is well and you’ll need to watch for the sinister twist!

Queen of Mystery 2

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You should watch this: If you are into watching mysteries with a subtle romance

Written by Lee Sung-min, actor Kwon Sang-woo and actress Choi Gang-hee have received love from the viewers due to their subtle but spirited chemistry in the first series of Queen of Mystery.

A dynamic duo returns in Queen of Mystery 2. Housewife-turned-investigator Seol-ok continues to prepare for the police exams while solving more exciting cases with detective Wan-seung. Meanwhile, following the death of Detective Go, they further investigate the murder case and relations with CEO Ha.

We love their funny and intriguing approaches in solving various cases. You will be anxious as the true culprits and their hidden agendas are revealed at the end of each episode (the eerie background sound makes these endings even more exciting!) You will look forward to the next case to be solved.

I am Not a Robot

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You should watch this: If you are looking out for an extraordinary Korean drama couple – a human and a robot

How does a normal human being, who is afraid to hang out with people, live together with a humanpretending to be a robot under one roof? Watch I am Not a Robot to find out. This drama series explores the potential relationship between humans and robots.

Ji-A is asked by her ex-boyfriend to pretend to be a robot Aji 3 and live together with Min-kyu. He is the largest shareholder of a financial company but lives in seclusion due to his allergies with people that cause him to have rashes. Spending time with her, he starts to have feelings for her and decides how to pursue his love for her.

The Legendary Tycoon

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You should watch this: If you are into learning about the history of Asian entertainment industry

Since the late 1920s, film and entertainment mogul Run Run Shaw founded Shaw Brothers Studio and TVB that produces the best of Hong Kong entertainment.

The Legendary Tycoon follows the footsteps of Run Run Shaw – how he built his empire from scratch and experienced love with three women in his life.

Step back in time to the golden era of the Hong Kong filmmaking industry and watch how it grows to be what is loved by the Asian film buffs and industry professionals of today.

A Scholar Dream of Woman

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You should watch this: If you are looking for Chinese historical series that feature the strong leading female characters. Or just awesome female leads.

Although they’ve lived in a patriarchal society, many women in the past (such as Empress Dowager Cixi, Wu Zetian, and Yang Guifei) have made themselves some of the most influential people in Chinese history. Their beauty and intelligence signify their success in being in the same ranks as men who are known to be the dominant decision-makers.

Looking into literature, fictional character Chen Bi Yun is one of the great examples of representing women who yearn to have education like men. She overcomes the struggles in the rich family household and pursues her love for literature.

Set in the early Republic times, smart and talented Chen Bi Yun paves her way into becoming one of the most intellectual scholars in Chinese society. At the same time, she searches for the truth behind her father’s death by sacrificing her own happiness and marrying into the Xuan family who owns the largest library across China.

Listen to Love

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You should watch this: If you are looking for ‘out-of-the ordinary’ romantic comedies related to love and marriage

When in doubt, who do you ask for help? Asking your close friends in person or  strangers on the Internet?

Known for directing Detective K, one of the most popular Korean blockbuster film series, Kim Suk-yoon delves into exploring different approaches for asking love and marriage advice in both physical and digital world through his latest drama series, Listen to Love.

Starring popular cast members Lee Sun-kyun and Song Ji-hyo, the husband finds out that his wife is having an affair after learning about her unusual behaviours. In order to save his marriage, he logs into the online world and seeks advice from random people.

Madame Antoine

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You should watch this: If you are in the midst of discovering what true love means

Psychotherapist Soo-hyun manages his own medical centre and runs a psychological test project to prove that true love doesn’t exist. He is assisted by fake fortune teller and divorcee Hye-rim, who takes part in his experiment. Believing in science, he disregards people’s emotions and feelings about love. Working in the same building, Hye-rim makes her ends meet by telling customers their fortunes so she can financially support her daughter’s education in the US.

Be entertained by the push-and-pull relationship between Hye-rim and Soo-hyun. An intriguing hexagon love relationship among two leading protagonists with other supporting characters shows the true meaning of love and understanding.

Can they meet their true love with emotions over experiement?

The Lover’s Lies

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You should watch this: If you are looking for a bittersweet fairytale with plenty of twisted relationships

The Lover’s Lies has a ‘Cinderella’ storyline with twisted relationships.

After her mother passed away, orphan Tong Si Jie works part-time jobs to support her brothers and sisters. One day, she meets rich Yi Yi and they fall in love with each other. They want to be together but Yi Yi’s mother stops it from happening by spreading the lies about them.

You will be in shock by the characters’ bitter pasts and how closely related are they to each other.

Happy Sisters

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You should watch this: If you are sick of watching romantic comedies and prefer to see greater strength in friendships between women

Happy Sisters shout for sisterhood and women power that explores how women grapple with different aspects of life, from love to career.

Married for 7 years, housewife Ye-eun takes care of the family household but her in-laws are giving her a hard time. She later finds out that her husband is having an affair. Meanwhile, her sister Sang-eun is a single woman who runs a small piano school but is having financial problems. She is in luck as she goes into a contract marriage with Jae-woong so he can pay off her debts.

With Ye-eun’s and Sang-eun’s close friends, they step up their game in showing what women can do and overcome their troubles together. A recommended ‘pick-me-up’ drama series for all the female viewers.

Catch the latest Korean and Chinese drama series on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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