5 Shows to Download and Watch on Your Trip Back Home

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Chinese New Year is coming up! It is time for us to go back to our hometowns and celebrate Chinese New Year with our families and friends. However, nobody likes the LONG HOURS of being stuck in terrible jams on the roads.

Nothing better to do besides staring at the car window and sleeping throughout the journey? Don’t worry we got you covered. Download these amazing shows that fit with the CNY vibe so you can watch them while travelling back home (except for the driver… I guess you could just listen to the show?)

My Golden Life

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

My Golden Life follows poor Ji-an striving her way to have a better life and to be successful. The overall storyline looks into the different walks of life’s relatable journeys – love, work, and family. Thanks to its well-scripted plots and the some awesome acting, this slice-of-life family drama series has the highest viewership ratings ever(more than 40% nationwide!) and has received many awards at the KBS Drama Awards 2017. You will spend hours of watching this whole series with your family.

New Journey to the West

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Explore the beautiful wonders of China and Vietnam with Na PD and popular celebrities including Kang Ho-dong, Lee Su-geun, and Ahn Jae-hyun. Their trip to Chengdu, Lijiang, Guilin, and Xiamen are some of the most entertaining adventures to watch. You will laugh till your cheeks and stomach hurt as you watch how these celebrities complete Na PD’s challenging tasks – play quizzes to savour local dishes, speak with the locals, and race to the finish line in the early morning.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Fantasy melodrama series Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me will stir up your emotions because of an intense love triangle between handsome entrepreneur Soo-ho, optimistic travel agent Hae-ra, and evil fashion tailor Sharon. Your heart will skip a beat with Soo-ho’s and Hae-ra’s romantic scenes. You will feel the rage over Sharon’s nasty schemes in breaking them apart. Still, having Sharon in the picture makes this drama series more entertaining! Ending each episode with a bang, you will definitely move on to the following episode to see what happens next. An emotional roller coaster that you can ride on your trip back!

Running Man

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Catch up with one of your favourite Korean variety shows that you have been missing out for a long time. Episode by episode, watch the regular cast of Running Man and invited guests face different challenges and battle against each other. Don’t forget to watch the popular segments including Lee Kwang-soo’s funny proposal to actress Jeon So-min and a peculiar chemistry between actress Song Ji-hyo and singer Kim Jong-kook.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

With her superhuman strength, Bong-soon is as equally strong as Wonder Woman and Black Widow! Min-hyuk, the CEO of a game company, and Bong-soon help detective Guk-doo solve mysterious kidnappings in the local neighbourhood. Having cheerful Park Bo-young and charming Park Hyung-sik acting out the funny and romantic scenes on the same screen will make you feel giddy like a fangirl (or a fanboy).

Leave some space in your mobile storage and take a couple of power banks with you so you can download and watch these shows without feeling bored while heading back to your hometown this Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Viu. We wish you good health and lasting prosperity. Download and watch more of the best of Asian entertainment on Viu here.

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