4 Reasons to Watch ‘Street Food Fighter’

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Let’s not lie about it. You may say you travel to see the sights, the nightlife or the people but what you’re really going for… is the food.

Need a destination guide for your stomach? Baek Jong-won’s latest food and travel variety Street Food Fighter is your saviour. He hits up local street food stalls in different destinations. So none of that expensive food stuff. Get your next destination eating advice from this guy. He knows his stuff (and it’s super cheap!)

We list out 4 reasons why Street Food Fighter is your ideal visual food and travel guide to watch.

Baek Jong-won’s insightful bites

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Baek Jong-won absolutely LOVES food! He has been sharing his passion for food in popular variety series including Baek Jang-won’s Top Three Chef King, Home Food Rescue, Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck, and Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant.

With many years of experience in the food and restaurant business, he easily can tell how good the food is based on the ingredients, cooking skills, and ambience. You know he’s legit when he can tell you something from a really good food stall is better than a Michelin star restaurant!

Follow his foodie journeys in different parts of bustling towns and cities where the locals enjoy their meals every day. Discover the recommended eateries, food stalls, and markets filled with vibrant ambience – HK nightlife at the open-air restaurants along the streets of Hong Kong; dining on boats at Bangkok’s Floating Market; Tokyo dining experience in modern and traditional restaurants; and more!

An ‘eye-opening’ cultural experience with food

Street Food Fighter (1)

Eating ‘Typhoon Shelter’ dishes at an open-air restaurant in Hong Kong

In each city/country, you will be amazed by its unique culture with food and people. Baek Jong-won talks briefly about how culture and lifestyle related to food came about.

Chinese teahouse culture in Chengdu, Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) in Hawaii, and Japanese office workers enjoying their night at izakaya (pubs) are some of the cultural experiences that will grab your attention.

You will feel the urge to experience them like the locals.

From local ingredients to dining experience

Street Food Fighter (2)

Locals selling their dishes at Bangkok’s Floating Market

Baek Jong-won explains the ‘must-have’ dishes to try in detail – what local ingredients are used to make mouth-watering dishes, how chefs cook the local cuisines in their own kitchens, and what are the right ways to enjoy eating these dishes.

Behind the camera lens, you will see how ingredients (such as Sichuan’s red pepper oil, Japanese miso, and Hawaii’s home-grown taro) are gathered and prepared from scratch.

Watching how these are made make these lip-smacking dishes more delicious.

Sights and sounds of food scenes

Street Food Fighter (3)

Baek Jong-won savours charcoal-grilled wagyu beef in Tokyo

Full close-up on the delectable dishes with sensational ASMR sounds and classical background music will stimulate your cravings immediately!

Sizzling, slurping, crispy, dripping…every sense coming out from these scenes will ignite your temptations for food even more.

If you are an avid foodie and traveller, Street Food Fighter is a ‘must-watch’ food and travel variety to watch. You will definitely add some of the recommended spots and dishes to try in your travel bucket list.

Watch the full episodes of Street Food Fighter here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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