5 Reasons to Watch ‘Princess Jellyfish’ (Japanese Romantic Comedy)

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Otaku fandom is one of the most talked-about sub-cultures in Japan. What is an Otaku?



plural noun: otaku

  1. (in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

Though obsessed may be a little of an understatement.

Want to see what I mean? Check out the latest Japanese live-action romantic comedy series Princess Jellyfish.

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The story follows the adventures of a jellyfish otaku, Tsukimi (Kyoko Yoshine), in Tokyo. She hopes to become an illustrator. Her love for jellyfish reminds her about the memories with her late mother. She lives together in an all-female shared house, Amamizukan. All of her housemates are otakus, too!

Here are 5 reasons why you, your friends, and even your cat needs to watch Princess Jellyfish.

Otaku world vs outside world

Princess Jellyfish (1)

This series explores the daily lives of otakus in modern society.  Each of housemate has a distinctive interest – Banba loves trains, Chieko collects traditional Japanese items, Jiji likes older men, and Mayaya is crazy about The Romance of Three Kingdoms.

They’re so obsessed that they rarely venture out into the world and are horribly afraid of people and even worse… trendy people!

Watch how they adapt themselves in two different worlds – from talking passionately about their favourites with their otaku friends to trying to be ‘normal’ in the busy streets of Tokyo.

Awesome lead characters

Princess Jellyfish (2)

Starring rising stars Kyoko Yoshine, Koji Seto, and Asuka Kodo, they play the following characters:

  • Tsukimi (Kyoko Yoshine): A shy jellyfish lover. Afraid of trendy people.
  • Kuranosuke Koibuchi (Koji Seto): A son of a politician. Loves fashion and is a major cross dresser.
  • Shu Koibuchi (Asuka Kodo): Kuranosuke’s half-brother. Has a phobia of women.

‘Self-discovery’ adventure in Tokyo

Princess Jellyfish (3)

Born and raised in a small town of Kagoshima Prefecture, Tsukimi has to get used to her new life in Tokyo. She dreams to be a beautiful ‘jellyfish’ princess but she is afraid of how everyone else judges her based on just her looks.

With the help of the Koibochi brothers and her housemates, she explores the wonders of Tokyo, works on transforming herself into a ‘new’ Tsukimi, and opens up to building connections with different walks of life (i.e., people and not just jellyfish).

Innocent and pure love triangle

Princess Jellyfish (4)

A light-hearted love story makes Tsukimi’s life in Tokyo more interesting!

Cross-dresser Kuranosuke Koibuchi (Koji Seto) helps Tsukimi in transforming herself and encourages her to go out and have fun. He is also plays a love cupid for Tsukimi and his younger half-brother Shu Koibuchi (Asuka Kudo). However, as they hang out more often, Kuranosuke starts to have feelings for her.

Will Kuranosuke choose to support their love and happiness over himself? Which guy will Tsukimi be with in the end?

Friends and family bonding

Princess Jellyfish (5)

After their mothers left them at a young age, Tsukimi and Kuronosuke experience the sense of loneliness till their loved ones come into the picture. Together, the warm smiles and memories make their lives complete.

No matter how tough and busy they are with their lives, they soon realize that ‘home’ is where the heart is.

Princess Jellyfish will make you laugh and cry over Tsukimi’s sincere encounters with people around her. A heart-fluttered and hilarious story – a group of otakus fitting in various circles alongside Tsukimi being caught in a delightful love triangle.

Tell us about your favourite scenes from Princess Jellyfish.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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