4 Reasons to Watch ‘Master Key’

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Running Man, Infinite Challenge, Dream Team, and Cool Kiz on the Block are the most popular Korean game varieties loved by global viewers of all ages. Recently, Master Key is praised for featuring well-known Korean celebrities taking part in finding the Master Key by playing assorted games.

Love putting your physical and problem-solving skills to the test? Check out the 4 reasons why Master Key is your next Korean game variety to watch.

Various fun challenges that anyone can play

Master Key (1)

12 challengers find the Master Key holders who will open the treasure chest filled with amazing prizes. Split into two teams, they compete against each other in different Investigation Mission games to gather hints related to the Master Key holders. Also, the challenger, with the highest votes by the ‘Watchers’, will get a chance card that can be used throughout the game.

‘Dancing for 100 Seconds’, ‘Umbrella Flower has Blossomed’, and ‘Group Pictionary’ are some of these exciting games that you can play with your buddies!

Dynamic settings

Master Key (2)

Master Key is filmed at the Master Village in Paju. In the Room of Fate (a reading room filled with wooden bookshelves), the challengers meet and check if their own keys is the Master Key or not. They are later taken to the various locations, including the Quiz Room, where they play different challenges.

Looking at these unique locations make you wish that you want to take part in the game.

Watch your favourite Korean celebrities in action

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In every episode, popular Korean celebrities, including your favourite K-pop idol groups, are invited as the challengers. Super Junior Henry, Wanna One Kang Daniel and Ong Sung-woo, and SHINee Key are some of the guests who frequently come to the show!

Be amazed by how agile and clever they are – they show their capabilities in tackling each challenge. You will be amused by their funny antics, too. Watch the full video to find out.

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Unexpected twists and turns

Master Key (4)

The challengers’ new sides are shown throughout the show. They use artful tactics to win in the Investigation Mission games. Take note of Lee Soo-geun’s skillful game plan in taking his opponents’ down!

All of them try their best to not show their keys’ identities by putting on their poker faces. At the end show, some of the challengers, who reveal that they are the Master Key holders, will leave you in shock.

With thrilling games and star-studded guests in Master Key, you will probably imagine yourself having fun at the Master Village.

If you were in the Master Village, which ‘Master Key’ game would you like to play?

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