4 Reasons to Watch ‘My Girl’ (Thai)

My Girl (Thai) (Feature Image)
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Thailand may be really good at making thrilling on-screen horror genres but they make awesome soap operas and romance series, too!

Fans love to binge-watch Thai dramas (known as Lokorn) because of its amazing cast (especially their defined looks) and romantic & dramatic scenes. A couple of hit K-drama series like Coffee Prince and Playful Kiss have gotten Thai remakes, loved by viewers around the world.

Looking for the next Lakorn to watch? Check out the latest Thai remake of 2005’s My Girl, starring the popular romance actors Esther Supreeleela and Pae Arak Amornsupasiri.

Here are the 4 reasons why Asian drama fans should watch this.

Same same, but different from the original

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Halo Productions is known for their popular Thai drama remakes for K-dramas – Autumn in My Heart (2011), Full House (2012), and Princess Hours (2017).

In the latest remake of My Girl, Halo Productions keep its original storyline and characters consistent with the original while localising it for the Lokorn fans.

Hotel heir Purith searches for his long-lost cousin till he meets Linin. He asks her to pretend to be his grandfather’s granddaughter. In return, she will receive monthly salaries. As she is in a financial struggle to travel abroad with her father, she has no choice but to comply with Purith’s wishes. Pretending to be cousins living together in the same house, they slowly fall in love with each other till troubles stop their relationship from blossoming.

Fun fact: The original OST Never Say Goodbye is used as this remake’s background music!

What is different from the original? The talented cast’s intriguing charms that makes the storyline and memorable scenes refreshing.

It’s a major throwback to one of the most popular K-drama series with a new edge.

 ‘Girl-next-door’ Esther Supreeleela

My Girl (Linin)

Esther Supreeleela is one of the most popular actresses loved by Thai Lokorn fans. She acts in many romantic dramas such as Ugly Duckling (2015), U Prince (2016), You’re My Destiny (2017), and My Dear Loser (2017).

In My Girl, she plays Linin, a bubbly and innocent girl who struggles to pay her father’s debts while seeking her own happiness.

You will be surprised by her crazy and enthusiastic personality which is totally different from her previous roles she has played. Her hilarious teasing on Pae on-screen will tickle your funny bone.

‘Charming prince’ Pae Arak Amornsupasiri

My Girl (Purith)

Pae Arak Amornsupasiri has played the leading man on-screen including I See You (2016) and Bangkok Rak Stories (2017). Many Thai Lokorn fans, especially the ladies, couldn’t help but admire his chiselled looks and charismatic aura.

As My Girl’s leading actor, he plays Purith, a rich hotel heir who struggles with family pressure and forgetting about his ex-lover till he meets Linin.

His catchy phrases and gestures will sweep you off your feet. You can’t help but imagine yourself as Linin being lovey-dovey (with bits of funny and cheesiness) with Purith.

Funny and dramatic romance

My Girl (Funny Scene)

Prepare yourself to be in an emotional rollercoaster ride as you will be moved by an unrequited romance between Linin and Purith.

There are plenty of exciting scenes to look out for – amusing ‘cousins’ romance, intense love squares with Purith’s cousin and ex-lover, and dramatic arguments with Aunt So.

Linin and Purith will make your heart stir up with full of emotions.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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