6 Reasons to Watch the Korean Remake of ‘Suits’

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The Korean remake of popular US legal drama Suits interprets how lawyers represent their clients – the chaebols and those who are less fortunate. Rather than imitating the original, this series focuses on its characters’ charms. It revolves around the relationship between veteran lawyer Kang-seok and rookie associate Yeon-woo.

Here are 6 reasons why you will enjoy the Korean remake of Suits as much as you watched the original one.

Ground-breaking storyline

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The story begins with Yeon-woo who ends up in prison. Kang-seok represents as Yeon-woo’s lawyer. It stirs up curiosity about what exactly happened to the both of them.

They work together in Kang & Ham law firm after Kang-seok hires Yeon-woo as his rookie associate. In each episode, they use their wits and skills on handling different cases and difficult VVIP clients. As these scenarios intertwined, its storyline leads the viewers to understand the overall characters’ personas and personal agendas.

Watch how the leading characters resolve cases – including pro bono, divorce, and contract disputes – and acquire clients for their law firm.

Jang Dong-gun’s suave charm

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Veteran actor Jang Dong-gun has been playing ass whooping characters in many action films including Taegukgi, My Way, and V.I.P. He is also a charming gentleman in romantic melodrama Gentlemen’s Dignity.

After his six-year hiatus, he is back on the small screen by making his first appearance as Kang & Ham’s ace lawyer Kang-seok in Suits. Not only does he look good in classy suits, he has a suave aura evoked from his own character.

Meticulously, he brings each and every scene to life with his subtle and strong expressions. Even his quirky dialogue is one of his most astonishing performances to watch him in action.

Park Hyung-sik’s extraordinary acting

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There is no stopping aspiring actor Park Hyung-sik from being in the spotlight right after his outstanding performance in romance melodrama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.

In Suits, he is playing a much bigger role and working together with Jang Dong-gun. Acting as Yeon-woo who has an amazing photographic memory so he remembers EVERYTHING from almost any source.

Among the cast members, he has the most dialogue with detailed jargon (including numbers!). From law to song lyrics, his expansive knowledge comes in handy for any situations and questions being asked. He is even more impressive as he mentions different laws and long jargons without faltering.

Sweet and sentimental, he portrays how Yeon-woo encounters and overcomes various situations in a classy manner.

Intriguing characters

Let’s not forget about the supporting characters and special cameos spicing up the whole series.

Lawyer Geun-sik (Choi Gwi-ha) yearns for power and great status while going head-to-head with Kang-seok. Ha-yeon (Hee-kyung), a partner of Kang & Ham law firm and Kang-seok’s boss, allocates serious cases for him to look into. Adding in some woman power to the series, other female characters also include Kang-seok’s assistant, Da-ham (Chae Jung-an) and paralegal Ji-na (Ko Sung-hee). Case by case, Kang-seok and Yeon-woo are up against various clients and lawyers in legal battles.

Seeing how well they click together as the story progresses, you definitely look forward to how their stories unfold and tactically resolve cases. On the plus side, enjoy watching the blossoming romance between Yeon-woo and Ji-na.

A palpable bromance

Suits KR (3)

Compared to other K-drama bromances, Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik show their subtle but distinct bromance differently. How they talk with each other and how they provide support with simple gestures add in plenty of excitement to their blossoming chemistry.

Their bromance is not to be missed as they express their friendship as mentor & mentee and brothers.

Stylish cinematography

The editing style is done smoothly at a steady moving pace. We enjoy the clear-cut scenes even more with the well-balanced camera focus and lighting. The colour grading and production style of this show is quite different from other K-dramas as it follows NBC’s original a little more closely in that sense.

Suits is definitely your next K-drama series to binge-watch. Step into the sophisticated legal Suits and be awed by its unique flair filled with charming characters, captivating storyline, and refreshing bromance.

Watch the full episodes of Suits here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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