Raymond Lam is back on Hong Kong’s big screen in new drama PTU: Police Tactical Unit!

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Depicting the story of a former undercover cop, played by Raymond Lam, who returns to the force to tackle life experiences and an outbreak of mental issues facing PTU officers following his successful takedown of a notorious gang. Starring alongside Charlene Choi and Alex Fong, the three share different perspectives and each has their misgivings but learn to build trust and friendship.

As we binge-watch this action-packed drama, here are 3 reasons why this particular drama is not your typical police drama.

1) It has been five years since Raymond filmed his last Hong-Kong series, but this is also his first television drama wearing a police uniform since joining the industry. Surprisingly, it is also Charlene’s first television drama. On one occasion, whilst filming, real policemen were also making their rounds at the same location. They were puzzled to find another team of “police officers” at the location, only to realise that it was a shoot!

2) We all know that shooting an action movie can be dangerous and risky. In this instance, Charlene was fortunate to have the luck of the devil when she escaped with just minor bruises during an explosion scene which could have injured her face. In addition, she had to wear a short wig for her character.

3) Apparently, TVB will be airing a similarly-themed drama called PTU 2019 which clashes with Raymond’s new series, in addition to his new project of filming TVB Anniversary Drama Line Walker 3. However, ViuTV takes the lead in broadcasting PTU: Police Tactical Unit starring him.

This new drama, which premiered on ViuTV on May 9, 2019, is a 30-episode regular drama series which tells the story of the lives and missions of PTU officers.

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Written by Viu

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