[PERSONALITY TEST] Which Korean drama should you watch next?

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Can’t decide what your next K-drama binge should be? Take our K-drama personality test for a suggestion!


Where would your ideal vacation be?

Which is your favourite genre?

When you're watching a really good K-drama, you should be...

Who would your dream romantic partner be?

Your ideal date would be...

[PERSONALITY TEST] ‘What Korean drama should you watch next?’
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?

For nine years, secretary Mi-so has been working for the Vice President of Yumyung Corporate Group, Young-joon. She is the perfect secretary whom he can rely on. However, she breaks the news to him that she decides to her job and starts afresh as a ‘normal’ Mi-so. He wonders about her feelings and pursues in making her stay by his side. This romantic comedy is one of the most buzzworthy K-drama series because of their cheesy and heart-fluttering chemistry, refreshing storyline with romantic scenes, and captivating supporting cast.
Let's Eat 3

In his 30s, ‘Let’s Eat’ blogger Dae-young embarks on a ‘healing’ food journey with his college mate and neighbour, Ji-woo. They savour the delicious food that they used to enjoy back in their 20s. Hanging out together, they reminiscence their good ole’ college days. Find out how food brings back their appetite and rekindle their friendship-turn-romance. Warning: Don’t watch this on an empty stomach. The mouth-watering food bites and eating scenes will make you cry in hunger.
Your House Helper

House helper Ji-woon cleans homes, listens to his clients’ worries, and provides housecleaning tips & life advices. Da-young hires Ji-woon to be her personal housekeeper at her home where she lives together with her two high school friends. He later learns about their personal problems and helps them whilst cleaning their house. You will understand why cleaning home is a part of your life. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is.
Love to the End

Ga-young helps out in her family cosmetic business, Cells Beauty, YB Cosmetics’ main competitor. Meanwhile, Se-na tries to win her father’s love and attention by dating with Se-na’s older brother, Do-young. Both Ga-young and Se-na get themselves into complicated relationships with Jung-han and Hyun-gi. Be ready for twisted love triangles, family disputes, and shocking truths that will stir up your emotions.
Are You Human?

Conglomerate son Nam-shin gets himself into a car accident and ends up in a coma. Android robot Nam-shin III has to take his place until he fully recovers. He lives the life as human Nam-shin without being caught. Meanwhile, his personal bodyguard, So-bong, protects him from danger but later finds the truth about his true identity. Follows his footsteps as he discovers about himself and his relationship with humans.
Lawless Lawyer

Lawyer Bong-gil returns to his hometown and seeks revenge for his mother’s death. This talented lawyer uses his wits and fists to fight those with absolute power. With his partner Jae-yi, they go head-to-head with senior judge Hye-young and businessman Oh-joo in court and at the dark side of society. Expect plenty of thrilling action scenes (physically and verbally) and the dynamic duo’s subtle romance.

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