8 On-screen Character Roles that Ha Ji-won Played As

Ha Ji-won
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Actress Ha Ji-won is one of the most popular actresses in the Korean drama and film industry. She has the angelic looks and personality but she knows how to kick butt and throw dagger-like words on set.

She has been taking on various character roles to show her versatile acting skills in many action-pack and emotional scenes with various genres.

If you are a fan of Ha Ji-won, check out the 8 different character roles that Ha Ji-won portrayed in dramas and films.

A tough stuntwoman who learns about love

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Ji-won became famous and loved by K-dramas fans through her notable appearance as Gil Ra-im in Secret Garden.

Here she is a tough stuntwoman works hard without relying on anyone. She meets the arrogant CEO Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin) on the film set. At the beginning she doesn’t like him even though he pursues his feelings for her. She soon realised that they have feelings for each other after having their bodies swapped.

Her feminine and masculine acting as Ra-im and Joo-won will make you laugh and cry over their Cinderella story. This sweet and romantic drama is a tear-jerker so you will probably need a box of tissues!

A North-Korean officer-turned-wife in an arranged marriage

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Alongside actor Lee Seung-gi, Ji-won plays the role of a North Korean Special Force instructor Kim Hang-ah who becomes the wife of South Korean Prince Lee Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) in an arranged marriage.

Ji-won portrays Hang-ah as a role model who searches the meaning of love in marriage, securing her military career, and giving love and moral support to her playful husband.

A strong-headed Goryeo-born empress

Ha Ji-won - Empress-Ki

(Source: Soompi)

Ji-won plays Empress Ki, one of the most respected historical figures in Korean history. She ascends to power after being married to the emperor of Yuan Dynasty, Toghon Temür (Ji Chang-wook).

An elegant and courageous lady who withstands the tensions from the government officials while making the right decisions to provide better lives for her citizens. At the same time, she struggles in a love triangle between her emotional husband and her past love, Wang Yu (Joo Jin-mo).

A delightful best friend

Ha Ji-won - The Time We Were Not in Love

(Source: Soompi)

In The Time We Were Not in Love, Ji-won plays as Ha-na who always looks out for her close friend, Choi Won (Lee Jin-wook) whenever she is in trouble. They know each other very well since they have been friends for 17 years. She finds love while working diligently as a cabin attendant.

Her bubbly personality and beautiful smile makes you wish to have an awesome friend like her!

A passionate doctor who helps those in need

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This is Ji-won’s first role to act as a doctor in Hospital Ship. As Song Eun-jae, she and her colleagues visit the islands with a hospital ship to provide medical assistance to the villagers. At the same time, she goes through tough times especially after her mother’s death.

You will be amazed by her strongest emotional acting yet and her skilful hands-on medical experiences in this drama. This is by far the most impressive role that she ever portrayed in her acting career!

An athletic table tennis player

(Source: CJ Entertainment)

In As One, Ji-won teams up with Bae Doona as South Korean table tennis player Hyun Jung-hwa. There she has to partner with North Korean table tennis player Lee Boon-hee (Bae Doona) to compete at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan.

The tensions and heartfelt friendship between these two characters will move you to tears.

She fights against a sea monster

(Source: CJ Entertainment)

Ji-won was given the opportunity to throw in punches and shooting with guns in a science fiction action film Sector 7.

She acts as Hae-joon who works an equipment manager at an oil-rig platform near Jeju Island. One day, her co-workers mysteriously disappear. They soon find out that there is a sea monster haunting on the oil-rig platform and eating the crew members. Together, they have to fight for their very lives.

Watch her get her hands dirty as she fiercely faces down the evil sea monster.

A fearsome female assassin in an international film!

(Source: Media Asia 寰亞)

Ji-won made her first international debut in police action thriller film Manhunt, directed by the legendary Hong Kong auteur John Woo.

She portrays as assassin Rain who works for a shady drug company. She is the first female assassin to act in John Woo’s film. Her swift fighting moves, motorcycle riding, and gun shooting made John Woo classify her as the ‘female Chow Yun-fat’!

In last month’s media interview, she said that dressing up in a kimono and wearing traditional Japanese shoes while shooting was one of the hardest scenes for her to perform. Still, after having her first experience in John Woo’s Manhunt, she hopes to take part in more international film projects.

We anticipate seeing her in the major blockbuster films including Hollywood!

From being a stuntwoman to a doctor followed by her international debut as a female assassin in Manhunt, she is full on for putting herself in various characters’ shoes and bringing them to live on screens.

What are your favourite characters’ roles by Ha Ji-won? Let us know what you like about Ha Ji-won.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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