11 New Shows to Watch on Viu

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Enjoy watching the amazing remakes of hit K-drama series; be moved by the heart-warming family dramas; find out how cleaning your own house is related to life; be inspired by Korean celebrities travelling across the world; discover South Korea’s YouTube creators’ day-to-day life; drool over the delicious K-drama food scenes, and more!

Here are 11 exciting shows that to binge-watch all day on Viu.

My Girl

You should watch this: if you love watching Thai romantic comedies

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Way back in the early 2000s, My Girl was one of the most popular K-drama series due to its ‘Cinderella’ storyline and lovable drama couple starring Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hee. It became so popular across Asia that this series got its remake in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Now, My Girl gets its Thai remake starring Esther Supreeleela and Pae Arak Amornsupasiri.

Hotel heir Purith (Pae Arak Amornsupasiri) finds his long-lost cousin sister whom his grandfather is searching for. Linin (Esther Supreeleela) needs to have a large sum of money to pay off his father’s debt. They later meet each other due to unexpected events. Purith asks Linin to pretend to be his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. She will be given monthly salaries if she can take on the task. Being in a financial struggle, she has no choice but to take his offer. As ‘cousins’, they live under one roof and are eventually attracted to each other but, later on, their love becomes forbidden.

An unrequited love story filled with dramatic plots (including intense love squares and family arguments) and its refreshing characters will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Let’s Eat 3

You should watch this: if you always crave for Korean food while watching K-dramas

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The first two seasons of Let’s Eat received plenty of love and high ratings for ONE reason – the mouth-watering food scenes. Leading actor Yoon Doo-joon is back in its third season alongside Jugglers actress Baek Jin-hee.

Dae-young (Yoon Doo-joon) is having a hard time in his 30s. He heals his wounds by embarking on a food journey with his college mate Ji-woo (Baek Jin-hee). They savour delicious food that they used to enjoy in their 20s. While sharing meals together, they reminiscence their college memories (especially surprising ones) with close friends.

Find out how they bring back their appetites and reconnect to their love lives through sharing food at the same table. Their delicious food bites and sights & sounds of food scenes will make your senses cry out for these delectable cravings.

Your House Helper

You should watch this: if you love dreamy male characters with peculiar jobs

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Living in our own comfy homes, we create unforgettable memories with our friends and family but for most of us, cleaning is such a hassle. House Helper Ji-woon shares his ‘life-changing’ philosophy about cleaning.

Ji-woon (Ha Seok-jin) left a big company and stopped talking to his parents. He starts afresh with his new life as a house keeper. He cleans his customers’ homes, listens to their worries, and gives advice to them. At the same time, he works as Da-young’s (Bona) personal house keeper at her home where she lives together with her two high school friends. Besides cleaning, he solves these average working women’s complicated lives.

You will start to appreciate why cleaning your own space is a necessity and realise the essence of “home is where the heart is”.

Good Doctor

You should watch this: if you are looking for intriguing medical dramas

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Actor Kento Yamazaki is known for playing diverse characters in films and dramas such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Your Lie in April, Orange, A Girl & Three Sweethearts, and Death Note.  In the Japanese remake of Good Doctor, he plays as Minato Shindo, a skilful paediatric surgeon who is diagnosed with Savant Syndrome.

At a young age, he decides to become a paediatric surgeon after his older brother died in an unfortunate accident. Doctor Akira Shiga (Akira Emoto) is amazed by his great memory that he helps him to pursue his dreams. After Minato graduates from medical school and passes the national exam for medical practitioners, Akira, now as the chief of Tomogo Memorial Hospital, takes Minato in as a temporary resident at the paediatric surgery department.

With a child-like mind and extraordinary medical talent, Minato emotionally overcomes in communicating with his colleagues, patients, and guardians whilst taking care of the children’s smiles.

Grandpas Over Flowers: Returns

You should watch this: if you are enjoy watching uplifting travel variety series

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You will probably remember Na PD’s popular travel variety series Grandpas Over Flowers where four grandpas and a middle-aged porter went on many exciting adventures in Paris, Switzerland, Taiwan, Spain, Dubai, and Greece.

In its latest season, veteran actors Lee Soon-jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hyung, Baek Il-seob, Kim Yong-gun, and Lee Seo-jin visit Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. Their individual charms and genuine bromance make their travels more memorable.

Filled with tears and laughter, this lovable cast encourages many viewers (even at old age) to experience the joy of travelling.

I Can Speak

You should watch this: if you are interested in watching the lovable chemistry between young and old generations

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It is never too late to learn new languages.

Civil servant Park Min-jae (Lee Jae-hoon) is transferred to work at the Seoul City Council. At work, he patiently deals with ‘Goblin’ Granny Na Ok-boom (Na Moon-hee) who submits civil complaints every day. Meanwhile, she tries to learn English due to her personal reasons. She later finds out that Min-jae speaks fluently in English. So, she asks Min-jae to be her English teacher.

Laugh and cry over their touching chemistry as Min-jae teaches her English and comfort each other. Ok-boom’s tragic past will moved you to tears.

LAN Life

You should watch this: if you frequently watch YouTube videos during your free time

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Did you know that top 1% of the population in South Korea are online streaming creators? You might have seen a couple of YouTube videos created by these creators who have MILLIONS of subscribers. Reality series LAN Life opens its doors to the lives of creators.

Hosted by Lee Young-ja, Kim-sook and N’UEST W’s JR, LAN Life features the popular creators including Great Library, Yumdaeng, Banzz, and SSIN. Each creator has their own specialty in covering various topics – Great Library in gaming, Yumdaeng giving advices to viewers, Banzz streaming a mukbang (eating) broadcast, and SSIN sharing beauty content.

It is an eye-opening experience in watching how they work behind-the-scenes in creating content from scratch – including long hours of filming and editing videos – and their daily lives off-set. Learn about their tricks and know-how of creating awesome content.

Banzz’s mouth-watering food suggestions, Great Library’s sound effects and facial expressions while playing games, Yumdaeng’s down-to-earth advices, and SSIN’s easy-going personality will grab your attention. It makes you want to subscribe to their channels and watch the videos.

Making Family

You should watch this: if you are looking for films to watch with your family

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Remember the adorable baby in variety series Hello Baby with K-pop idol girl group T-ara? That’s none other than Mason Moon who is now an aspiring child star! He plays his first leading role in Making Family with top actors Aarif Rahman and Kim Ha-neul.

Playing as Tae-bong, he travels to China and searches for his birth father, Julien (Aarif Rahman). Julien wonders why Tae-bong keeps following him while Tae-bong’s mother (Kim Ha-neul) searches for her lost son.

Follow Tae-bong’s adventures in hopes of rebuilding an ideal family with his parents. The funny and lovable ‘father-and-son’ relationship is one of the film’s main highlights that will melt your heart

On the Border

You should watch this: if you are keen to know about the countries beyond borders

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What happens when travellers go across the border on land?

Cast members Lee Si-young, Kim Gu-ra, and history lecturer Seol Min-suk explores the borders in between various countries such as US-Mexico, France-Germany, and Jordan-Israel. They stay and experience the countries’ culture for a couple of days before crossing the borders.

Discover the countries’ vibrant cultures, histories, and sights that might make you have the urge to travel across the borders.

Switch – Change the World

You should watch this: if you love watching actors playing dual roles

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Actor Jang Geun-suk plays his first dual role – a con artist and a lawyer – in legal drama Switch –Change the World. It’s his last drama to appear in before he goes for military enlistment.

Witty and handsome con artist Do-chan (Jang Geun-suk) steals loads of cash from the rich. One day, Prosecutor Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) asks Do-chan to pretend to be her colleague prosecutor Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk) while investigating a major drug case. Curious about the drug king’s identity, he decides to be involved in it because the culprit might be his father’s murderer.

This legal drama looks into what is illegal and legal to win the cases and putting the culprits behind bars. The major case’s captivating mystery, blossoming chemistry between Jang Geun-seuk and Han Ye-ri, and kickass action scenes are some of the reasons you will probably binge-watch the whole series.

The Rich Son

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching weekend dramas

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Will people ever be happy with loads of money and ideal marriage?

Rich and immature Gwang-jae (Kim Ji-hoon) goes into slump after his father’s passing. He finds out that he is under debt and later betrayed by his own family. To live up his father’s reputation, he does whatever it takes to pay back the debts. He starts from the bottom by setting up a franchise restaurant business with his ex-girlfriend0 Young-ha (Kim Joo-hyun). In the tough culinary entrepreneurial world, they find ways in making their ends meet.

This series portrays what true love is and the perceptions about money and marriage.

Binge-watch the best of Asian entertainment on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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