5 Must-have Food to Eat during Ramadan

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After the long hours of fasting from the early morning to the late evening, it is time for some food to keep your body energized for the coming days. One of the best parts of Ramadhan is savouring the wholesome local delicacies with your friends and family.

Here are 5 Ramadan foods that you should try out this Ramadhan.

Roasted whole lamb

The whole lamb, marinated with herbs and spices, roasted over the charcoal grill is the star of most Ramadhan buffets. These delectable slices of meaty lamb served with various sauces including peppery BBQ sauce or mint yoghurt sauce will leave you craving for more. The meat’s intense flavour with savoury sauce is simply out of this world!


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Maaf Jika Aku Tak Sempurna

The mouth-watering smell of beef, chicken, and lamb on skewers is simply irresistible. While watching them being fanned over the charcoal grill, you can’t wait to dig in and savour its smoky taste with the sweet and savoury peanut sauce. Delicious and addictive, you will be itching to have another one… and another… and another…

Assorted curries and rendang

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Cinta Teruna Kimchi

Curries and rendang are one of the most comforting foods that remind you of how your grandmother and mom used to make back home. Enjoy tender meat and vegetables, cooked for almost 6 – 8 hours. Pick and choose whatever it suits your taste buds.

Ketupat and Lemang

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Bila Aku Jadi Penunggu

It won’t be Ramadan without the traditional ketupat (wrapped in coconut leaves) and lemang (cooked in hollowed bamboo sticks). These symbolize the essence of Malay culture. The delectable rice cakes go well with any Ramadhan dish but go especially well with rendang and satay.


There is always room for dessert. The assorted sweet kuih-muih comes all in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Onde-onde, seri muka and the list goes on.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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