5 Latest Korean Variety Shows to Watch on Viu

Latest Korean Varieties (Dec 2017) (Feature Image)
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Korean variety shows are frequently watched by a MASSIVE global fan base because they often feature their favourite idols’ amazing talents. We watch the casts of Running Man and celebrities chasing after each other in tearing off nametags and completing missions. We admire how popular male celebrities take care of their children in Return of Superman and laugh out loud in the casts’ adventures in 2 Days 1 Night.

There are even MORE variety shows out there for viewers to be amazed with Korean celebrities’ diverse talents in various categories including food and travel.

We bring in the latest variety shows on Viu to keep you being entertained! This month, we highlight the popular variety shows that you MUST watch.

Dragon Club

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Love watching a strong brotherhood among the Korean celebrities? Try Dragon Club.

Five close friends have known each other for more than 20 years but get too busy with their own lives after some of them get married. They then meet at a street food vendor and decide to go on a bro trip together. They head down to Gungchonri Village in Samcheok for 6 days and 5 nights. Enjoying their leisure time during the day while running a street food vendor near the red lighthouse in the evening.

Watch them share their touching stories with their brothers, reveal their close brotherhood and running their own street food vendor throughout the show.

The Unit

Watch full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Lead by global superstar Rain, the mentor corps gives rookie groups and failed idols a second chance to reboot themselves in the music and entertainment industry. 126 finalists strive hard to grab the spot to be part of the two unit groups (male group and female group with nine members each).

Who will be the members of the upcoming unit groups? Watch them complete their surprising missions, work together as a team while being guided and criticized by their mentors.

Youth Over Flowers – Winner

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K-pop idol group Winner are given the opportunity to be appear in a popular travel-reality series Youth Over Flowers. The members are unexpectedly kidnapped by the production team during a car commercial shoot. They travel around West Australia for eight days with limited cash.

Watch their adventurous holiday getaway down under – talking with the locals, going on road trips, skydiving, and even hanging out with animal friends!

Baek Jang-won’s Food Truck

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Famous chef and restauranteur Baek Jang-won is asked by the production team to assist in saving the food truck scene across South Korea. After watching diligently at popular food truck spots in different areas (such as Gangnam, Suwon and Busan), he comes to the rescue by guiding the owners from scratch – creating their own food menu, communicating with the customers and sourcing ingredients.

The close-up shots of food, from preparation to cooking, WILL make your mouth water! This is definitely an eye-opener for viewers to know the ins and outs of food truck scene in South Korea.

Wizard of Nowhere

Watch full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Six members are being taken to the outskirts of various countries (such as Nepal, Georgia, and Kamchatka Peninsula) for three days. Split into two teams, they are given daily missions and must reach their destinations by midnight. Phones, wallets and personal belongings are NOT with them! With the essentials given by the producers, they have to get around and survive in their journeys including hitchhiking and talking with the locals.

The culture and landscape of rural destinations simply takes your breath away. The exchange of simple words and gestures made travellers and locals become friends. The vibrant Nepal makes you want to pack your bags and travel there!

Watching these Korean variety shows make you be amazed by celebrities’ impressive variety skills and inspiring personalities, your mouth watered over the delicious food and intrigue you to make travel plans to your next holiday destination.

Let us know what Korean variety shows would you like see on Viu!

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