11 Latest K-Varieties to Watch on Viu

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Not sure what K-varieties to watch next? We have added the latest and best K-varieties that you can’t miss out on.

Watch the celebrities’ day-to-day life with their managers; step into Mimi Shop to find the right look and listening to stories; discover the most talked-about street food scene across the world; travel and enjoy various cultural experiences in different countries; listen to Korean celebrities chat about almost anything over drinks; see who will be the final members of the next global idol girl group in a music survival show.

Here are 11 exciting K-varieties you need to watch your favourite celebrities in action.

Grandpas Over Flowers: Returns

You should watch this: if you are a huge fan of ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ series

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Many viewers love H4 (four Haraboji  (Grandpa in Korean)) – veteran actors Lee Soon-jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hyung, and Baek Il-seob – because of the popular hit travel variety series Grandpas Over Flowers. Together with actor Lee Seo-jin as their reliable porter, they previously visited Paris, Switzerland, Taiwan, Spain, Dubai, and Greece.

Na PD is back with the latest season with its regular cast. Veteran actor Kim Yong-gun joins in as the new cast member. This time, they visit Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria.

You will fall in love with their unique individual charms and heartwarming bromance. Follow their journey as they rekindle their memorable friendship and experience the joy of traveling together.

Produce 48

You should watch this: if you enjoyed watching idol survival programmes

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Produce 101 is back with Produce 48, a global collaboration show with Japan’s popular idol group AKB48. 96 female trainees from K-pop music industries and AKB48 gather to compete in getting their rightful spots in becoming the next project global girl group. Only 12 girls are selected by the National Producers across the world.

These girls are taught by professional trainers including FT Island’s Lee Hongki, former SISTAR’s Soyou, former After School’s Kahi, and rapper Cheetah. In every mission, they have to grab the National Producers’ hearts with their unique and outstanding talents. They also talk about their struggles as trainees.

Will the girls be able to overcome the challenges and shine on the global stage?

Mimi Shop

You should watch this: if you love Korean beauty and fashion

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have your beauty makeover by your favourite celebrity? Let Mimi Shop give the beauty to you.

Sandara Park, Tony Ahn, rapper Cheetah, actress Shin So-yul, and model Kim Jin-kyung manage a celebrity makeup salon in the heart of Seogyu neighbourhood. Working as makeup artists, they create the ideal looks for guests. They also provide beauty and life advice to them.

You will be surprised by how skilful they are in giving amazing beauty makeovers. Be on a look out for K-pop idols – including WINNER and BIGBANG’s Seungri – coming as guests.

On the Border

You should watch this: if you are keen to know about travelling across the borders

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Most of us have gone through the immigration gates at international airports. Ever wonder how is it like to cross the borders on land?

Cast members Lee Si-young, Kim Gu-ra, and history lecturer Seol Min-suk visit the countries’ borders across the world. Popular guests including comedian Yoo Byung-jae and Tyler join in their travels. During their stay in two different countries, they experience the culture before crossing the border.

Discover the countries’ vibrant cultures and sights including Seol Min-suk’s interesting historical lectures. Sounds interesting? Watch their first visit to the US-Mexico border where they explore Donald Trump’s eight wall prototypes.

Omniscient Interfering View

You should watch this: if you are curious about Korean celebrities’ relationships with their managers

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Hosted by Jun Hyun-moo, regular cast members, a behavioural physiatrist, and special guests view the recordings of each other’s lives including their managers. The managers reveal their honest thoughts and feelings about the Korean celebrities including their daily habits and interests.

Your mouth will drool as you watch comedian Lee Yeong-ja’s foodie journey with her manager (not to mention her thrilling explanations about the must-try food). Enjoy watching the brotherly love between comedian Yoo Byung-jae and his manager including his manager’s constant nagging.

Street Food Fighter

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching Korean food shows hosted by Baek Jong-won

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Chef and F&B businessman Baek Jong-won cooks up mouth-watering delicious and shares insightful tips in popular food shows such as Baek Jang-won’s Top Three Chef King and Home Food Rescue. He has done successfully in reviving food trucks and small alley restaurants businesses in Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck and Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant.

He returns in his latest food show Street Food Fighter where he explores and introduces the popular global street food trends. There he shares his thoughts and experiences its diverse culture and vibrant local atmosphere.

Follow his foodie journey across Japan, China, Thailand, and more! Get to see what’s going in the kitchen as the local chefs cook up mouth-watering dishes with fresh ingredients. Your mouth and stomach definitely can’t resist the close-up shots and addictive sounds of food.

One Night Food Trip 3

You should watch this: if you are a foodie traveller who loves to search and try all kinds of local delicacies

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

One Night Food Trip takes viewers across the world in discovering different cuisines. It has been one of the most talked-about food shows. In the previous seasons, they had visited across Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In Season 3, various celebrities go head-to-head by travelling to different countries to indulge with scrumptious local delicacies. They need to clean of their plates without leaving a single piece behind. The team with the most stamps, based on the number of dishes eaten during their one night two day foodie trip, wins.

Discover the must-try delicacies to eat in recommended local restaurants. Watch the celebrities showing you the best way to eat, sharing quirky comments about the dishes, and taking part in mini challenges.

Tipsy Talk

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching Korean talk shows along with entertaining performances

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

What better way to get to know the Korean celebrities? Late night conversations over drinks, of course!

Every night, regular hosts gather to enjoy their time with alcohol and side dishes. In each episode, the special guests are invited to talk about their current promotions, career, and show off their cool moves.

Listen and be inspired by their heartfelt and funny tales in their career and personal lives. Be entertained by their live performances that will move your heart. You will crave for drinks along with scrumptious side dishes.

Where is That?

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching natural programs like National Geographic and Discovery Channel

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Where is That? is a one-of-the-kind expedition programme, inspired by famous explorers like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo, where you will be awed by the earth’s wondrous nature.

Rookie explorers Cha Tae-hyun, Ji Jin-hee, Bae Jung-nam, and Jo Se-ho go on adventurous explorations in various parts of the earth. Their first stop is the Arabian Desert, the second largest desert in the world.

In their adventurous expeditions, they walk through the unknown lands to reach their destinations. Together, they endure pains, create unforgettable memories, and discover the wonders of nature. You will be amazed by their unique sides and skills that make them the ideal expedition team.

Thrifter’s Guide to Luxurious Travels

You should watch this: if you are finding inspirations for budget travelling

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Have you ever felt lost on how to enjoy an extravagant holiday while being on a tight budget? Let Park Myeong-su, Park Na-rae, Jung Joon-young, Moon Se-yoon, and Heo Kyung-hwan show you how to do it!

In different cities, 2 of the regular cast members are assigned as 1-day tour guides – also known as Small Luxury – who provide amazing travelling experiences on the limited budget. Other members and special guests will judge the designed tours based on food, places of interest, accommodation, and ‘theme’ criteria. The winner gets to enjoy a choice of his/her small luxurious gift.

Be entertained by how they come up with memorable travels with good quality at the right price. Wonder how they do it? Watch how they come up with an amazing travel experience in Los Angeles and San Francisco for other cast members and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and EXO’s Chanyeol.

Creaking Heroes

You should watch this: if you are looking for varieties like Running Man and Infinite Challenge

Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app

Being a hero, doesn’t mean that you need to have super strength and the power to fly beyond the horizon. This pilot variety show inspires viewers that anyone can be a hero.

Seven celebrities are invited to be trained as heroes. Going through a 2-day intensive camp training, they are put through various missions to see what their strengths are. Celebrities include Ahn Jung-hwan, Zion T, Yoo Byung-jae, Sam Hammington, and Hoshi from K-pop idol group Seventeen.

Expect funny skits and surprising talents by these funny cast members.

Watch the best of entertaining K-varieties on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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