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We got the latest ‘binge-watching all day’ dramas to catch up with – a female vigilante thirsts for love, revenge, and justice; today’s women going up against the modern society; a two star-crossed lovers’ romance set in Joseon period; horrifying supernatural mysteries that will leave you with goosebumps, and more!

Here are the 9 ‘must-watch’ dramas that you should check out.


You should watch this: if you are looking for twisted mystery noir

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Malaysian filmmaker Kabir Bhatia’s dream of directing a thrilling dark noir comes true. He writes and directs Viu Originals Salon, a story about a female vigilante fighting for justice by punishing the psychotic culprits violently. This is one-of-the-kind local drama series that you should not miss out.

Anna (Julia Farhana) runs a salon in the heritage town of Malacca. She has a dark childhood past when she lived as a young Maria. Because of that, she goes in numerous disguises and kills twisted people who harm the innocent. Meanwhile, she searches for the killer behind her adopted family’s death.

Step into the dark side of today’s Malaysian society through Anna’s eyes – the current societal issues that not many people talk about them openly before.

100 Days My Prince

You should watch this: if you always imagine yourself in a fairy tale-like romance with a Joseon prince

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Popular idol-turn-actor Do Kyung-soo (member of K-pop idol group EXO) is praised by viewers and critics for his serious gaze and deep & sharp-edged lines in films and dramas. In 100 Days My Prince, he plays his first role as a Joseon prince in an unrequited romance with his first love, played by Nam Ji-hyun.

Cold-hearted Crown Prince Yi-yul (Do Kyung-soo) never smiles and feels uncomfortable when he is asked to fulfil his duties. One day, he is poisoned and finds out that someone is trying to kill him. He decides to leave the palace and find the culprit but he is attacked during his search. He survives from the assassination but he loses his memory. Ends up being dummy Won-deuk, he is later engaged with sunny Hong-shim (Nam Ji-hyun) to save her from the magistrate’s deadly punishment. Living together for 100 days before their wedding day, he learns to adapt in living together as a peasant. They later start to fall in love with each other.

Be mesmerized by their funny and sparkling chemistry especially how they make themselves comfortable in a peasant lifestyle. Its romantic scenes and twisted plots will make your heart skip many beats.

The Ghost Detective

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching dark mysteries like Sherlock Holmes

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Actor Daniel Choi stars in his first dark thriller series The Ghost Detective as a detective solving the mysterious cases. It is not just any cases; it involves with ghosts!

Lee Da-il (Daniel Choi) works as a private detective after he is being discharge from military due to a whistle blower case. He uses his uncanny ability and intuition to look for answers and then disappears after the case is solved. Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin) joins as his aspiring assistant in order to search for answers behind the death of Yeo-wool’s younger sibling. In every case, they meet the mysterious lady in red, Hye Sun-woo (Lee Ji-ah).

What’s the story behind the lady in red? How the mysterious death cases occurred? Watch the cool Da-il and the persistent Yeo-wool put on their abilities in cracking the cases.

The Guest

You should watch this: if you are looking for scary drama series to watch on Halloween

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Director Kim Hong-sun is notable for popular OCN drama series including supernatural Black and the first season of mystery thriller Voice. His latest supernatural The Guest looks into the dark side of exorcism and shamanism.

Hwa-pyung (Kim Dong-wook) was born and raised in a shaman family. With his ability to see deadly ghosts, he searches for those who are possessed by the evil spirits and expels them. Choi Yoon (Kim Jae-wook) is a Catholic priest who has the ability to exorcise spirits. Detective Kil-young (Jung Eun-chae) doesn’t believe in evil spirits or exorcism. Working together with Hwa-pyung and Choi Yoon, they track down and drive out the sprits while searching a cold serial killer who is possessed by Sohn.

It is a combination of ‘chill to the bones’ Korean hit films The Wailing and The Priests. If you are into watching this kind of genre, expect ghastly evil spirits and scary exorcising rituals.

The Undateables

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching dramas about dating and relationship

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What is like in experiencing love and being in romantic relationships? 2011’s Can You Hear My Heart stars Namgung Min and Hwang Jung-eum reunite as the leading couple in The Undateables, a light-hearted romantic comedy about dating and relationship.

Dating columnist and toy gallery exhibitor Hoon-nam (Namgung Min) theoretically knows about love but doesn’t want to fall in love. Matchmaker Jung-eum (Hwang Jung-eum) gives up looking for love due to her tough times. Meeting many times by ‘coincidence’, they start getting romantically involved in a relationship.

Let your heart flutter as you watch the unforgettable romantic scenes, the casts’ sparkling chemistry, and inspirational dating advices. It is beyond your expectations about dating and relationships. Making you realise how to love yourself before loving others.

I am Also Mother

You should watch this: if you enjoy watching emotional stories about middle-age women and motherhood

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Women power and struggles in everyday life has become one of the social issues that the viewers could relate to. In I am Also Mother, the storyline follows two women meeting people’s expectations and fulfilling their own happiness.

Ji-young (Lee In-hye) struggles working multiple part-time jobs to pay off her mother’s debts. She can’t forget about her unborn child and husband who were killed in a tragic car accident. Kyung-shin (Woo Hee-jin) is devastated after finding out that she can’t have children anymore. Ji-young comes into Kyung-shin’s life as she becomes a surrogate mother for Kyung-shin.

Its complex storyline and compelling characters depict mothers’ painful encounters in everyday life especially longing to have their own children.

Lady Cha Dalrae’s Lover

You should watch this: if you are searching for drama series about characters living the life to the fullest in modern society

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Living the life as a housewife isn’t as dull as you may think. Coming-of-age series Lady Cha Dalrae’s Lover tells the story of three modern housewives having each other’s back through thick and thin.

Jin-ok (Ha Hee-ra), Dal-sook (Ahn Sun-young), and Mi-rae (Ko Eun-mi) have been best friends since high school. They thought they lead happy lives with their families till unfortunate crises come in their way.

This series map out closely-knitted families set in various realistic day-to-day scenarios including love, marriage, and family. These ladies will make you look back at cherished friendship and nostalgic high school memories.

My Only One

You should watch this: if you love to feel moved by touching family dramas

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Former KBS Music Bank’s MCs Uee and Lee Jang-woo reunites in weekend series My Only One, Jang-woo’s first on-screen since being discharged from the military.

Do-ran (Uee) works at numerous part-time jobs to save money for her studies in law school. Her life takes an expected turn when her biological father Young-hoon (Choi Soo-jong), whom she hasn’t seen him for 28 years, appears before her and learns that he was a murderer. Do-ran reconnects with her father through love while being in a forbidden relationship with Dae-ryeok (Lee Jang-woo).

Will Do-ran be able to forgive her father? How Do-ran and Dae-ryeok protect their relationship from breaking apart? Be amazed by Uee’s and Lee Jang-woo’s different sides through their passionate acting and blossoming chemistry.

Ping Pong Ball

You should watch this: if you prefer watching conversation-focused drama series

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Actor Ji-soo is known for playing comical and serious roles in Bad Guys: Vile City, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Doctors. In JTBC drama special Ping Pong Ball, he acts as philosophical Young-joon who gives a helping hand to a homeless man.

Young-joon (Ji-soo) is heart-broken after his female university classmate’s rejects his love confession. He goes out for a night jog to clear his head till he passes out in front of a homeless man’s tent. He meets Deuk-hwan (Jae-myung) who lives under a small bridge by the river. Learning that Deuk-hwan has experienced rejection in love, Young-joon slowly opens up his heart and trusts him as a friend.

This two-episode series follows their sentimental journey of discovering themselves through heart-to-heart conversations and quirky moments.

Watch the best and latest Asian dramas on Viu here.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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