5 K-Family Films to Watch on Viu

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Planning a family movie night over the weekend but have no idea which films to watch?

Check out the 5 K-films that will make you laugh and cry together with your family.

Making Family

K-Family Films to Watch - Making Family

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What happens when a kid shows up in front of your doorstep and says that you’re the parent?

Artist Julien (Aarif Rahman) enjoys the time of life and works towards his dreams of being one of the best in the art world. Till one morning, he gets himself a surprise visit. Young child Tae-bong (Mason Moon) flew all the way from Seoul to see Julien, his birth father. Tae-bong’s Mi-yeon (Kim Ha-neul), a documentary filmmaker and a single mother, arrives later and they spend time together in China before catching the next flight back to Seoul. Meanwhile, cute Tae-bong find ways in making themselves a family he has always dreamt of.

A lovely family of three building familial love and overcoming boundaries together will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I Can Speak

K-Family Films to Watch - I Can Speak

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Age is just a number so it is not too late to learn something new. Take an ill-tempered ‘goblin’ Ok-boom learning to speak English for example!

Civil servant Min-jae (Lee Je-hoon), working at the Seoul district ward office, handles his very first client – a grumpy, old lady Ok-boom (Na Moon-hee) who has been filing civil complaints for years. Despite that, he patiently deals with her stubborn habit and personality. Meanwhile, besides filing complaints, she practices English at her tailor shop due to her personal reason. Finding out that he can speak English fluently, she seeks his help to teach her English.

Get your tissues ready! Her story starts off with brims of joy followed by her heart-breaking past that will make you cry in tears.

My Annoying Brother

K-Family Films to Watch - My Annoying Brother

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Most of us have that one (or two) siblings who will get on our nerves. Probably something like these two stepbrothers in My Annoying Brother.

Judo athlete Doo-young (Do Kyung-soo) is on his way in building his sport career of a lifetime. However, an unfortunate competitive match causes him to lose his sight. Since then, he shuts himself away from the world. Former judo coach Soo-hyun (Park Shin-hye) is the only person whom he talks to. Doo-shik (Cho Jung-seok) finds out about his younger step-brother’s injury and uses that to plead for release from going to prison. He is release but under one condition – he needs to take care of Doo-young for one year. They end up living together at Doo-young’s place even though they hate each other.

A love/hate sibling relationship which you could relate to – two brothers understand and support each other in any situation which they can’t do alone.


K-Family Films to Watch - Familyhood

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It takes love and courage in reforming a broken family. In Joo-yeon’s footsteps, she learns to gain affection by loving herself and others around her.

TV Actress Joo-yeon (Kim Hye-soo) has everything especially loved by her fans and dating a younger male actor. But her life changes – her boyfriend cheats on her and the acting roles are taken away from her. In order to take back the spotlight, she needs to start a family by having a baby. She persuades Dan-ji (Kim Hyun-soo), a pregnant teenager, to let her adopt her baby while she lies to the media that she is pregnant.

This family comedy depicts women making sacrifices to fulfil their happiness and having self-respect.

We Are Brothers

K-Family Films to Watch - We Are Brothers

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How the siblings get to know each other after having not seeing each other for a long time? An unforgettable road trip brings brothers Sang-yeon (Cho Jin-woon) and Ha-yeon (Kim Sung-kyun) closer.

At a young age, they were separated at an orphanage. Fast forward to in their late 30s, they reunite.  They later find out that their birth mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, suddenly disappears. They decide to search for their missing mother by going on a road trip.

Their quirky bromance and hilarious moments will make you laugh till your cheeks are hurt.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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