3 K-Drama Actresses’ Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

Hiruscar x Viu Feature Image (Skincare Tips)
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Ladies, we constantly admire the K-actresses’ healthy complexions whilst binge-watching our favourite K-dramas. They have their own personal skincare regime that gives plenty of love to their skin on a daily basis and in between busy schedules. You be happy to know that many of them share their skincare secrets with their fans!

Read on the 3 K-drama actresses’ simple and fuss-free skincare tips for pampering your skin.

Song Hye-kyo

Hiruscar x Viu - Song Hye-kyo (Skincare Tips)

In Song Hye-kyo’s recent hit series Encounter, playing as Cha Soo-hyun, her elegance and beauty shines with her radiant skin. We can’t forget about the brief ‘Cinderella’ evening in Havana, Cuba where Kim Jin-hyeok (Park Bo-gum) falls head over heels in love her.

She takes care of her inner and outer beauty by keeping a positive mind-set and having work-life balance. That way her skin feels relaxed and not stressed out. For her mind, body, and soul, she practices yoga, does pilates, and runs along Seoul’s Hangang River. Doing some exercises improve the blood circulation which makes the skin look cleaner and brighter.

When it comes to eating, she takes foods rich in antioxidants such as tomatoes, tuna, egg, dark chocolate, berries, and green vegetables. She also drinks a lot of water and avoids taking junk food. Every morning, she starts her day with two glasses of water to keep hydrated.

Park Min-young

Hiruscar x Viu - Park Min-young (Skincare Tips)

Many K-drama fans are in awe with how Park Min-young flaunts her beauty and confidence as Secretary Kim Mi-so in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Those are probably the reasons why Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) can’t replace her as his personal secretary!

As she has her makeup on for long hours, she ensures her skin is not dull and dry by removing her makeup and having her facial mask sessions during her breaks. She does this two to three times a day! On normal days, she puts on her moisturizing facial mask. Getting an ample amount of sleep is also a must for her skin to regenerate and appear healthy.

Nam Ji-Hyun

Hiruscar x Viu - Nam Ji-hyun (Skincare Tips)

We wonder how Nam Hyun-jin takes care of her sun-kissed skin in 100 Days My Prince despite being under the hot blazing weather.

Always out filming, she has to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and pollution. Hence, it’s important she keeps applying facial mists and sunscreen to keep the skin moist and protected.

Hiruscar_Products (Skincare Tips)
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Hiruscar Spot Cover Fluid (Skincare Tips)
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Where to get them? Hiruscar skincare products are widely available at Watsons! You can also purchase them at their e-commerce website here.

With these products and simple skincare tips, you too could achieve a healthy and smooth complexion, just like your favourite K-drama actresses!

* Results may vary on individuals

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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