10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about Goblin’s Gong Yoo

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You probably have seen Gong Yoo searching for his true love to release his curse in Goblin and sneaking past zombies in Train to Busan. Romantic and fearless, he plays diverse roles in various genres of dramas and films. He is definitely one of the hottest K-actors around.

Here are 10 things every Gong Yoo fan should know!

He is the handsome Coffee Prince

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Did you know that he had his first acting break as a dandy café owner of Coffee Prince? His leading role back in 2005 was his gateway to more opportunities in other shows.

At first he wasn’t keen on playing a ‘flower boy’ character because it didn’t suit his personality. The cast and production crew had a hard time filming together with him in the beginning. Later on, he grew liking the overall storyline and his own character.

Doesn’t he look charming with his tsundure vibe? We sure would love to have our coffee made and served by him!

He loves music and books

Gong Yoo - Radio DJ

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In his university days, he worked as a VJ as his source of income. He went for an audition at Mnet. He was a radio DJ at the Korean Forces Network FM of the Defence Department during his time in the military. His fans sent him CDs and books as gifts. He kept his special collections at a wall in his home.

He’s a huge fan of K-Indie music, too! He mentioned in an interview at tvN’s People Inside that his dream is to an owner of a book café. There he hopes to get together with his fans and talk about their love for books and music. He wants to have a small performance of him playing the guitar, too.

He is a kid at heart in Big

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He plays two roles with contrasting personalities whose souls are switched after a road accident. Acting as a high school student in an adult’s body, he learns about himself whilst finding ways to get back into his own body. Meanwhile, he finds the truth about his teacher’s fiancée.

He does extraordinarily well in depicting the ups and downs that both youngsters and adults are going through.

He sings romantically at fan meetings

(Source: mikigong2010 YouTube)

You will fall in love with him even more after you listen to the songs sung by the actor himself.

He took part in singing Second First Love and Because It’s You for his dramas OSTs Finding Mr. Destiny and Big. Almost at every fan meeting across Asia, he specially sings cover songs as gifts to his fans. His fan meeting in Japan in 2010 is one of his most unforgettable events – played the piano while singing RA.D’s I’m in Love and sang Eric Benet’s The Last Time.

He suggested highlighting a social issue through a film

Gong Yoo - The Silenced

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When he was in the military, he read Gong Ji-young’s novel about an actual event at Gwangju Inhwa School for deaf students. Moved by its true story, he proposed the production team to direct The Silenced based on this devastating incident.

He plays teacher In-ho who is shocked to find out that these students are physically and sexually abused by the school staffs. To save them from this suffering, he steps up to expose the crimes happened at school.

This film ranked #1 for three weeks in a row after its release in September 2011, causing a public outrage across Korea. It won the Audience Award at the 2012 Udine Far East Film Festival.

You will be left in shock and disbelief as you watch him emotionally voicing out their pain and fighting for children’s rights.

He fights in action films

Gong Yoo - Train to Busan

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Besides being romantic, he shows off his bold moves in major blockbuster hits – The Suspect, Train to Busan, and The Age of Shadows.

Gong Yoo - The Age of Shadows

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Going on car chases, killing zombies, infiltrating the enemies’ hideout, deceiving the targets…his willingness to play thrilling action scenes puts viewers at the edge of their seats.

He rejected the Descendants of the Sun’s leading role

He is one of the actors who are offered to play Yoo Shi-jin in Descendants of the Sun before this role was given to Song Joong-ki.

However, he politely rejected role because he didn’t want to have his hair shaved and film overseas.

He has experienced unrequited love in A Man and A Woman

Gong Yoo - A Man and a Woman

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He acts a married man who has a secret affair with Sang-min (played by actress Jeon Do-yeon) in Finland on a cold winter day. A couple of months later, they meet again at her workplace.

Being his first role in a melodrama film, he challenges himself to portray his character’s true feelings for Sang-min. Without thinking too much about how to play his role, he discovers his sentimental side through his character who learns to love himself and others.

It is no wonder he is great in expressing his emotions in his later dramas and films after A Man and A Woman.

You can’t get enough of the handsome Goblin

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For five years, he rejected writer Kim Eun-sook’s (Descendants of the Sun, Heirs, Secret Garden, and A Gentleman’s Dignity) role offers in her written drama series. He’s always had fear in acting in drama series and prefers instead to be in film projects.

After many attempts at persuasion, he finally accepted to play Kim Shin, a lonely goblin with immortality searching for a human bride to save him from a curse, in Goblin.

It became one of the highest rated K-dramas alongside Descendants of the Sun, Dr. Romantic, Doctors, and Lovers in the Moonlight. Also, he won the Leading Actor in TV at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards with this hit drama series.

He shows his sentimental side through portraying the pains of life and death. The subtle romance and bromance with Ji Eun-tak and Grim Reaper is one of the most enjoyable and moving scenes to watch.

He is rumoured to be getting married with Jung Yoo-mi

Gong Yoo - Jung Yoo-mi

(Source: Soompi)

He acted together with actress Jung Yoo-mi in The Silenced and Train to Busan.

In early January 2018, their marriage rumour surfaced after a user created a post on an online community. The post mentioned that their wedding ceremony is going to take place at Shilla Hotel.

Their company, Soop Entertainment, denied the rumours and said that they are nothing more than close friends and colleagues. Even his close friend, actress Gong Hyo-jin, jokingly expressed her thoughts about their rumoured marriage.

With his sentimental emotions and vigorous action moves, Gong Yoo brings his on-screen characters to life. What makes him amazing is his passion in conveying his honest thoughts and feelings through dramas, films, and music. He is definitely a splendid actor!

Which is your favourite on-screen character played by Gong Yoo?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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