5 Interesting Facts About Min Hyo-rin

Min Hyo-rin (Feature Image)
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K-pop star BIGBANG’s Taeyang and actress Min Hyo-rin recently got married on 3 February. Both agencies have confirmed and it is not a shotgun wedding!

They announced that they were officially dating to the public in May 2015. They have been dating for three years. Taeyang is due to report for mandatory military enlistment soon. The local media NAVER reported that they will be having the wedding before his enlistment.

What makes Min Hyo-rin special that Taeyang feels that she’s the one? Here are 5 interesting facts about Min Hyo-rin that you might not know about.

She is a queen bee with mysterious beauty

Min Hyo-rin - Sunny

(Source: Sohu)

Min Hyo-rin plays the role of Su-ji, one of the seven young ladies who are close friends in Sunny (2012). Directed by Kang Hyeong-chul, she acts alongside popular actresses Shim Eun-kyung and Kang Sora.

She may be quiet and keeps more often with her own friends but her beauty (including her sweet smile) made such a huge impact that many viewers have become her fans!

Watching these girls enjoy great times together reminds us our teenager days when we used to go wild and have fun.

She has an angelic singing voice

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In Sing Again, Hera Gu, Min Hyo-rin acts as 21-year-old Hae-ra who wants to debut as a singer and letting the public know about her late father’s music compositions. She takes part in the music survival program Superstar K2 with her childhood friends Se-jong (Kwak Si-yang) and Se-chan (Jin-young).

You will be surprised how well she can sing! Her honey voice will make your heart flutter and smile. Find out by watching the full episode of this series (including her duet with B1A4 Jin-young)!

She has a caring love for her sisters

Min Hyo-rin - Sister's Slam Dunk

(Source: Allkpop)

Min Hyo-rin made her first variety appearance in Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 1 – a program that features an all-female casts who support each other in pursuing their dreams.

Her dream is to debut together with her sisters as a Kpop girl group Unnies. Guided by her former PD and Korean superstar Park Jin-young, they have to go through tough singing and dance practices before the MV filming and live music shows. This sexy lady not only sings but also puts on mind-blowing dances and poses.

You can see her love and kindness as she takes care of her fellow sisters. She gives some advice and even teaches them a few moves whenever they are in need of help. She also invited them over to her house and cook for them!

She is the ideal sister and close friend that you would love to have.

She met Taeyang in one of his music videos

Min Hyo-rin - Taeyang

(Source: Soompi)

Taeyang was looking for a female co-star to feature in his video ‘1AM’. His close friend and BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon suggested Min Hyo-rin to be in it and Taeyang has already had her in mind.

Both of them fell in love with each other and started dating since the start of filming! His inspiration for his hit song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ is from the time he met her.

How amazing it is that they see each other as love at first sight!

She shows what is like to be alone and being in a relationship

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Min Hyo-rin plays as Ji-young, an individualist who is happy to be alone and doing things independently without relying on others in Individualist Ms. Ji-young. She doesn’t want to be in relationship with others.

Discover how she learns about having each other with Byuk-soo (Gong-myung) who can’t live without having a lover.

It is no wonder Taeyang fell head over heels for her. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

Share with us what else you know about Min Hyo-rin!

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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