9 Facts about Adorable Park Bo-gum

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Actor Park Bo-gum is one of THE ideal man for so many ladies out there. Even a couple of K-pop female idols and actresses choose him as their ideal type, too!

One look at his charming eyes and smile, you will shy away from him while your heart flutters, LITERALLY!

Here are some interesting facts about what makes him so cute, humble, and romantic.

He started his breakthrough leading role in Hello Monster

Park Bo-gum - Hello Monster

(Source: Soompi)

He acted in Hello Monster (starring Seo In-guk and Jang Nara) as Lee Hyun’s brother, Jung Sun-ho who appeared 20 years later after their father is murdered.

His character’s story follows him opening up to Lee Hyun who abandoned him at a young age. The blossoming chemistry and bromance with Seo In-guk is one of the main highlights loved by the viewers.

His sad gaze and sorrowful voice are so moving that he received the Best Supporting Award and Popularity Actor Award at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards. His success led him to take on more compelling on-screen roles in his acting career.

He shows his brotherly love with his close friends

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He became very close to his actor friends after they starred together in Reply 1988, a starting point for them to rise in stardom. He plays the shy and handsome Taek, a high-school dropout and a professional Go player. He is one of the viewers’ favourites alongside fellow actors Ryoo Joon-yeol, Ko Gyung-po, and Ahn Jae-hong.

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Right after the filming has ended, Na PD (the producer of Youth Over Flowers travel variety series) gave four of them a surprise trip around Africa for ten days. As the maknae, he gave a lot of warmth and laughter for his ‘brothers’ throughout the trip. Their brothers also gave him support whenever he felt down especially when he got into trouble while driving.

You can see how strong the bromance is and how they always have each others’ back!

He is one of the most lovable MCs in KBS Music Bank

Park Bo-gum - Music Bank

(Source: AllKpop)

He was the co-host together with Red Velvet’s Irene for KBS Music Bank.

He has plenty of cuteness – his adorable gestures when he introduces the next K-pop idols’ performances and the bubbly chemistry with Irene!

His amazing MC-ing has given him the opportunity to appear as the main host for KBS Music World Tour in Singapore, Jakarta, and Chile.

He gave the ‘Moonlight Syndrome’ to the international fans

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He gets love by viewers (including the ladies) through his leading role in Love in the Moonlight.

Acts as Crown Prince Lee Young, he succeeds in taking the throne while being in a relationship with Ra-on, a female author who disguises as a eunuch.

He looks so charming in many ways – his smiles, his gaze, his honey voice, and how he sweeps Ra-on off her feet. Everything about him makes our hearts race!

He has received love by Forbes Korea and Korea Tourism Awards

Due to his rising popularity and acting talents, he is selected as one of the most powerful and influential Korean celebrities. Thanks to his lovable appearance in Love in the Moonlight, he ranked #1 in Forbes Korea’s Top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’ 2017 while Song Joong-ki came in second.

Also, he was awarded a ‘Special Achievement Award’ at the Korean Tourism Awards 2017. He has successfully held fan meetings across 8 different Asian countries including Malaysia and Singapore.

He is totally a Hallyu star!

He went on a 2 Days 1 Night trip

Park Bo-gum - 2 Days 1 Night

(Source: Soompi)

He was invited to go on the ‘Trip Mileage’ challenge with the 2 Days 1 Night cast. Throughout the trip, he is caring and thoughtful towards his travel buddies and the locals. At times, he shares some interesting things about him – wanted to be a singer-songwriter and loves to take the subway.

Look how active he is as he takes pictures and plan their travels, taking photos together with his fans, and having good times in taking part in various missions.

His appearance has boosted 2 episodes of 2 Days 1 Night to 5%!

He studied at Myongji University

Park Bo-gum - Myongji University

(Source: AllKpop)

He graduated from Myongji University in February 2018. For four years, he enjoyed his college life while studying his major in in musical theatre. He was a music director for the senior graduation musical Hairspray.

He looks great in his graduation gown! It is great to see him enjoying himself while taking photos with his classmates.

He enjoyed his healing trip at Hyori’s Homestay

Park Bo-gum - Hyori Homestay

(Source: Soompi)

He is picked by the production team to be a part-time worker at K-pop superstar Lee Hyori’s guesthouse in Jeju Island.

There he helped out in taking care of the household, preparing meals, and having fun with the guests. He sure knows treat the ladies with his charms. You simply can’t resist his sweet smile!

He is the one of the most popular CF models

Park Bo-gum - Coca Cola

(Source: Coca Cola Korea)

He has been the #1 CF star for two years in a row! Check out these advertisements that he has modelled in:

  • Domino Pizza
  • Coca Cola
  • Nescafe
  • Ghana Chocolate
  • Kakao Page
  • V-Prove
  • K-Swiss
  • Pelicana Chicken
  • estina
  • Sunkist

The ‘Park Bo-gum Effect’ – his lovable personality and cute gestures – have made his fans love him even more!

Park Bo-gum is one of the most famous rising actors in the Korean entertainment industry. We are amazed by his extraordinary acting talents, humble personality, handsome looks, and adorable charms.

What do you like about Park Bo-gum? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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