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  • Street Food Fighter - Feature Image

    4 Reasons to Watch ‘Street Food Fighter’

    Let’s not lie about it. You may say you travel to see the sights, the nightlife or the people but what you’re really going for… is the food. Need a destination guide for your stomach? Baek Jong-won’s latest food and travel variety Street Food Fighter is your saviour. He hits up local street food stalls […] More

  • The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (Feature Image)

    4 Reasons to Watch ‘The Accidental Detective 2: In Action’

    Following the success of The Accidental Detective: The Beginning back in 2015, fans had hoped for a sequel in the near future. This year, the goofy detective duo – Dae-man and Tae-soo – returns in the sequel The Accidental Detective 2: In Action with more hilarious moments, adventure, and mystery . Here are 4 reasons […] More

  • Shows to Watch on Viu in May 2018 - Feature Image

    10 Shows to Watch on Viu in May 2018

    We bring you an amazing line-up of shows to your screen. Find out who kill Kaushiki; see which scenario, set by the professional con artists, is fake; be swayed by the classy lawyers solving various cases; watch the K-pop idol groups compete against each other in sports, and more. Check out this month’s best of […] More

  • Shows to Watch on Viu April 2018 - Feature Image

    [Updated] 8 Shows to Watch on Viu in April 2018

    We are taking you on exciting adventures with food, travel, and inspirational people. Feast your eyes on delicious Korean dishes served in a traditional restaurant; be taken on a romantic trip through Hong Kong; follow a celebrity’s footsteps in their unique everyday lives; get dreamy-eyed with two handsome police cadets, and be astonished by a […] More

  • 3 Korean Drama Makeup Looks - Feature Image

    Be Inspired by Top 3 Korean Drama Makeup Looks!

    You are getting ready to go out and paint the town red but you have no idea what kind of makeup look you want to go for. Discover and take inspiration from leading Korean actresses and their beautiful makeup looks! Song Hye-kyo – ‘Descendants of the Sun’ natural no-makeup look (Source: Soompi) Song Hye-kyo plays […] More

  • 5 Action-Packed Korean Films You Need to Watch - Feature Image

    5 Action-packed Korean Films You Need to Watch

    This article was written in partnership with IGN South East Asia. From dark noir to historical, each of these movies has a unique storyline, fascinating characters, and plenty of ‘in your face’ actions scenes. Can’t decide which film to kickstart your Korean action film journey with? Start with these 5 thrilling Korean action films. Battleship […] More

  • Shows to Watch on Viu in Feb 2018 - Feature Image

    11 Shows to Watch on Viu in February 2018

    We have good news for you! We just added JTBC’s stuff to our library so you’ll get a whole selection of awesome new shows. Also, a couple of films will be rolling in so you can watch them together with your family and friends during the Chinese New Year. This month’s line up includes a […] More

  • Download and Watch On Your Trip Home - Feature Image

    5 Shows to Download and Watch on Your Trip Back Home

    Chinese New Year is coming up! It is time for us to go back to our hometowns and celebrate Chinese New Year with our families and friends. However, nobody likes the LONG HOURS of being stuck in terrible jams on the roads. Nothing better to do besides staring at the car window and sleeping throughout […] More

  • Romantic Korean Films - Feature Image

    10 Romantic Korean Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is one of the special days to spend time with your partner. Candlelight dinner and giving gifts to each other – you have already done that! Skip that boring movie and long commute. Stay in and watch these romantic films with your partner. Plus, no commute after the show’s over *wink wink* From […] More

  • 5 Early 2000s Korean Films - Feature Image

    5 Early 2000s Korean Films to Watch on Viu

    We look back to some of the great classic films that have livened up the Korean film industry. From action to romantic comedy, these are known for their intriguing storyline and characters. If you’re wondering where you should start to get the best of Korean Movies, here are the 7 popular early 2000s Korean films […] More

  • Along With The Gods (Feature Image)

    4 Reasons to Watch ‘Along with The Gods: Two Worlds’

    Director Kim Yong-hwa specializes in creating unforgettable characters with inspiring stories – Oh! Brothers (2003), 200 Pounds Beauty (2006), Take Off (2009) and Mr. Go (2013). This year he makes a major comeback with his FIRST fantasy adventure film Along with The Gods: Two Worlds that takes viewers to the underworld using the latest in […] More