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    Four things to know about Viu Malaysia’s latest Original, ‘Black’

      Black is a popular 18-episode South Korean drama starring Song Seung Heon and Go Ah Ra which aired in 2017. Viu The drama is now getting a Malaysian touch. In this eight-episode Malay series adaptation, we follow the adventures of Black, a bunian (a supernatural being from Malay folklore) on the hunt for his […] More

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    Catch Kopitiam: Double Shot, now on Viu!

    Our latest original series brings back the hit Malaysia sitcom, Kopitiam, with a twist! Refreshed as Kopitiam: Double Shot, the series follows the adventures of milennials, Alia, Seleb and Tim as they attempt to takeover the Kopitiam.   Synopsis The kopitiam once owned by Marie now belongs to a prematurely jaded Steven. Just as he […] More

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    Get Your Korean Fashion Game Up With These Looks From K Celebs

    Korean Fashion has no doubt become popular across Asian populations. This was obviously helped by the dominance of Korean television. Though it’s not just that, these looks are legit hot! Kpop idols have inspired fans so much, they want their looks and sense of style for themselves. You too, can honor your favourite actress’ fashion […] More

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    Kang Daniel of Produce 101 Smoking Drama? What’s That About?

    Kang Daniel won our hearts in Produce 101 season 2. He got the most votes on both the third and final round. Signed under MMO, he is a member boyband Wanna One with the central position. Recently he was caught smoking which sparked a huge debate! So why did he get so much hate? Here’s […] More

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    How Jun Ji Hyun Maintained Her Figure After Childbirth

    Jun Ji Hyun and Chooi Joon Hyuk are expecting, for the second time in their beautiful marriage. Come January, they will welcome a fourth member of the family. How did she maintain her figure after her first one even!? The making of a fairy tale family Jun and Choi have what most would consider a […] More

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    Jo In-Sung Definitely Does Not Look Like He’s Age 35 AT ALL

    Some stars can age gracefully. For stars like Jo In-Sung, they seem to just have it in their genes. Some stars don’t seem to even age at all. Their baby faces just won’t go away! Case in point: “That Winter, the Wind Blows” star Jo In-Sung just keeps looking better as he ages. Jo In-Sung’s […] More

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    From Instagram to the Big Screen How Wak Doyok Rose to Fame

    You may seen Wak Doyok sporting his curled moustache and preppy outfits. Or at least have heard of his peculiar name on time or another. That’s Wak Doyok’s trademark style. His fashion sense was crafted for social media, like many Malaysians who tried to be Instagram-famous. Today, he has 1.6 million followers, his own line […] More

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    So Why Does Fazura Seem To Attract All Sorts Of Hate?

    Let’s look at her. Fazura is all kinds of famous. In her film debut, she straight up got the lead role in Bicara Hati. For which she won the Most Promising Actress award at the 17th Malaysian Film Festival ceremony. co-hosted a TV show called Olay Total in 2004. Payed the lead role in the […] More

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    Everything We Know About the Song-Song Marriage So Far

    When Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo announced their marriage, fans and news sites from all over the world who were following the Song-Song couple were shocked. Now we can’t stop talking about it. Fans had dubbed them the Song-Song couple after witnessing their amazing on-screen chemistry and sweet off-screen banter. The Descendants of […] More

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    5 Reasons Goblin should be on your binge-watch list-ok

    TvN and Studio Dragon have brought us its latest breakout hit last December. Yes, Goblin is a peculiar title, but it is otherwise known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. It’s about a goblin, a protector of souls, who seeks to get rid of his immortality by searching for a human bride. A fresh […] More

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