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  • K-Family Films to Watch - Feature Image


    5 K-Family Films to Watch on Viu

    Planning a family movie night over the weekend but have no idea which films to watch? Check out the 5 K-films that will make you laugh and cry together with your family. Making Family Watch the full film here or Download the Viu app What happens when a kid shows up in front of your […]

  • Shows to Watch on Viu Sep-Oct 2018 - Feature Image


    9 Latest Dramas to Watch on Viu

    We got the latest ‘binge-watching all day’ dramas to catch up with – a female vigilante thirsts for love, revenge, and justice; today’s women going up against the modern society; a two star-crossed lovers’ romance set in Joseon period; horrifying supernatural mysteries that will leave you with goosebumps, and more! Here are the 9 ‘must-watch’ […]

  • My Girl - Romantic Scenes - Feature Image


    10 Romantic ‘My Girl (TH)’ Scenes We Love

    The Thai version of My Girl has made the viewers’ heart race because of its most romantic and sweetest scenes. From pretending to be cousins to officially being together, there are plenty of love sparks and chemistry between Phu and Linen. We have rounded the 10 most romantic scenes that will make you feel heart […]

  • Jibril - Feature Image


    4 Things to Know about Legal Investigative ‘Jibril’

    If you’re looking for an action series with a mind bending twist, our latest Viu Original Jibril is for you. Directed by Megat Sharizal, Jibril is Malaysia’s first legal investigative series around a cat-and-mouse chase among lawyers, law enforcement, corporates, and terrorists. What is the Jibril about? Lawyer Jibril possesses exceptional intelligence, strikingly good-looks, and […]

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    4 Things to Know About the Asian Remake of ‘The Bridge’

    The original Scandinavian noir crime series The Bridge, written and directed by Hans Rosenfeldt, has been made into many remakes including a British-French adaptation, an American remake, and a Russian remake. Viu Malaysia is working with Double Vision to produce the first ever Asian version of The Bridge, the latest ten-episode adaptation directed by Malaysian […]

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    4 Things to Know about Viu Malaysia Original ‘Salon’

    Get ready to be entertained by our three upcoming Viu Malaysia Original series directed by local production houses. In partnership with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN), these series will be aired on ntv7 as a first run followed by Viu in Malaysia. Both viewers and Viu-ers (including YOU) will be captivated by the thrilling stories, […]

  • What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (Supporting Actors) - Feature Image


    6 ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ Supporting Actors You Did Not Know About

    What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? has become one of the most talked-about K-drama series! It has achieved 10.6% which is their highest rating along with an average rating 8.5%. This romance series wouldn’t be successful without its supporting cast that amplify the storyline and pave way for the sweet couple Young-joon and Mi-so to really […]

  • Your House Helper - Feature Image


    8 Simple Household Hacks to Learn From ‘Your House Helper’

    Cleaning the house can be a hassle but it is not hard at all! House helper Ji-woon from Your House Helper will change your mind with his ‘life-changing’ philosophy about cleaning and simple household hacks. Watch the full episodes here or Download the Viu app If he can do it, so can you! Here are […]

  • Latest K-Varieties to Watch on Viu - Feature Image


    11 Latest K-Varieties to Watch on Viu

    Not sure what K-varieties to watch next? We have added the latest and best K-varieties that you can’t miss out on. Watch the celebrities’ day-to-day life with their managers; step into Mimi Shop to find the right look and listening to stories; discover the most talked-about street food scene across the world; travel and enjoy […]

  • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Feature Image


    5 Things We Love About ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’

    Our viewers do love What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? They’re obviously gushing over while watching the sweet drama couple Young-joon and Mi-so. Lots of funny and romantic scenes with twists make us feel tingly inside. It has been getting high ratings every week (10.6% as its highest so far), too! Watch the full episodes here […]

  • My Girl (Thai) (Feature Image)


    4 Reasons to Watch ‘My Girl’ (Thai)

    Thailand may be really good at making thrilling on-screen horror genres but they make awesome soap operas and romance series, too! Fans love to binge-watch Thai dramas (known as Lokorn) because of its amazing cast (especially their defined looks) and romantic & dramatic scenes. A couple of hit K-drama series like Coffee Prince and Playful […]

  • 11 New Shows to Watch on Viu - Feature Image


    11 New Shows to Watch on Viu

    Enjoy watching the amazing remakes of hit K-drama series; be moved by the heart-warming family dramas; find out how cleaning your own house is related to life; be inspired by Korean celebrities travelling across the world; discover South Korea’s YouTube creators’ day-to-day life; drool over the delicious K-drama food scenes, and more! Here are 11 […]

  • Street Food Fighter - Feature Image


    4 Reasons to Watch ‘Street Food Fighter’

    Let’s not lie about it. You may say you travel to see the sights, the nightlife or the people but what you’re really going for… is the food. Need a destination guide for your stomach? Baek Jong-won’s latest food and travel variety Street Food Fighter is your saviour. He hits up local street food stalls […]

  • The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (Feature Image)


    4 Reasons to Watch ‘The Accidental Detective 2: In Action’

    Following the success of The Accidental Detective: The Beginning back in 2015, fans had hoped for a sequel in the near future. This year, the goofy detective duo – Dae-man and Tae-soo – returns in the sequel The Accidental Detective 2: In Action with more hilarious moments, adventure, and mystery . Here are 4 reasons […]

  • K-Dramas to Watch June 2018 - Feature Image


    11 K-Dramas to Watch on Viu in June 2018

    Get ready to get your emotions taken on a roller coaster this month; be amazed by lawyers fighting for justice; let your curiosity be unlocked in thrilling action and mysteries and of course we have amazing love stories! Check out the freshest K- dramas to watch this month. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? You should […]

  • K-Drama Foods - Feature Image


    8 K-Drama Foods that You Will Crave For

    K-drama food scenes are probably one of the reasons why K-drama fans love eating Korean food. The more you binge-watch K-drama characters eating Korean food deliciously, the more you want to binge on Korean food ASAP! Here are 8 popular Korean foods that you often seen in dramas that you want to try this Raya! […]