7 Amazing Facts about Yoo Seung-ho

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Actor Yoo Seung-ho started out as a child actor. Now in his 20s, he has become one of the most sought after actors alongside actress Kim So-hyun, actor Lee Hyun-woo, and actress Park Shin-hye.

He is praised for his willingness to take on different acting roles. Plus, his deep emotional gaze is one of his best traits. We take a lookback on what he has done throughout his acting career.

He made his acting debut through filming a CF

When he was six years old, his mother sent a photo of him to an ad agency. They were looking for a fresh face instead of a professional model.

Out of all the photo submissions, he was selected to be filmed for a cellphone commercial.

From there, his journey began as a child actor for dramas and films. As a child, he was known as one of the Nation’s Little Brothers.

He was nicknamed “little So Ji-sub”

Yoo Seung-ho - So Ji-sub

(Source: Soompi)

Since his rookie days, his looks resemble to the popular actor So Ji-sub. Seeing them side by side, they look exactly alike!

Both actors were surprised how they look alike when they met for the first time in 2008. They became close friends and filmed together in a ‘Dimchae’ kimchi fridge CF. In 2013, he starred together with Park Shin-hye in So Ji-sub’s 6pm.. Ground music video.

They keep in contact with each other from time to time. He also had shown his full ‘brotherly’ support to So Ji-sub at the VIP press conference for The Battleship Island last year. After the screening, he immediately called him and complimented how great the film is. So Ji-sub said that he is an ‘angel’!

He was a young student in Master of Study

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In his teens, he plays Baek-hyun, a strong-willed leader of a group of special students, taught by lawyer-turned-teacher Seok-ho. As the story progresses, he slowly understand his potential and Seok-ho’s caring intentions to enrol to one of the top universities in South Korea.

He was praised for his refreshing acting talent and his heart-to-heart chemistry with other casts including veteran actors Kim Soo-roo and Bae Doona, actor Lee Hyun-woo, and actress Park Ji-yeon.

He plays as a rich chaebol in Flames of Desire

Yoo Seung-ho - Flames of Desire

(Source: Soompi)

He was given his first adult role as Min-jae, a wealthy son who is not interested in running as a successor for his family business. His character later gets involved in a scandal with famous actress Su-bin, leading them into marriage.

Putting himself in his character’s shoes where he deals with struggles with family and love for Su-bin, his surprising emotional acting had moved everyone’s heart.

Known of portraying leading historical characters

oo Seung-ho - The Magician - Seondal

(Source: AsianWiki)

He was given the golden opportunity to play the leading roles in two recent Korean historical films – The Magician and Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River – and popular Korean drama series Ruler: Master of the Mask. He acted with star-studded casts – actress Go Ara, actor Cho Jae-hyun, actor Ko Chang-seok, and actress Kim So-hyun.

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Playing as a handsome magician, a cheeky swindler, and a strong-willed ruler of in Joseon Dynasty, he portrays these characters through the experience of love, adventures, and hardship.

His charming looks, romantic gestures, divining smile, and heartfelt emotional acting will sweep you off your feet.

He shows how love overcomes illness

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Remember is his first drama series to act in after his military enlistment ended in December 4, 2014. He acts as Jin-woo who remembers everything in detail but later is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He starts to lose his memory while searching for answers to prove his father’s innocence.

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He also played in an extraordinary drama series that depicts the relationship between a human and a robot, I’m Not a Robot. As he had been playing serious characters throughout his acting career, he decided to take on light-hearted ones. His latest character Min-kyu is a shareholder of a finance company but is living in seclusion due to his allergies with humans. Upon physical contact with another human, he would get serious rashes all over his body.

You could see how he conveys his emotions while putting on remarkable performances in Remember and I’m Not a Robot. He fully understands his own characters own struggles with illness and showing his love for himself and others.

He loves to travel

Yoo Seung-ho - Travel in Japan

(Source: Hellokpop)

Before he was enlisted to the military, he took part in a photoshoot for his very first photobook Travel Letter, Spring Snow, and… taken by late Infinite Challenge photographer Bori. The photobook consists of beautiful scenes of him enjoying his stay in Japan. It was a gift for his fans that kept them company while he was away in the military.

Yoo Seung-ho - Travel in Japan (2)

(Source: Hellokpop)

In a 2015 interview with fashion magazine Grazia, he hopes to go on a backpacking trip with his friends. He wants to simply put on a backpack and walk. His fashion photoshoot in Paris reminds him on his trip to Jeju Island with his close friends before he went into military. There they grabbed the scooters and visited beautiful sights of Jeju Island.

It is great to see how passionate his love for travel is – taking him to mesmerising places and enjoy extraordinary experiences that he has never done before.

He may be your ideal backpacking partner to travel with. Wouldn’t it be great to have a special travel variety or documentary featuring him?

Yoo Seung-ho has impressed many viewers with his captivating and emotional acting. He is definitely one of the charming actors to look out for.

Which shows starring actor Yoo Seung-ho had you watched so far?

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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