10 Amazing Facts about Park Shin-hye

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Park Shin-hye’s popular leading roles in The Heirs, Pinocchio, and Doctors made her one of the most loved actresses in the Korean entertainment industry. With her natural beauty and mesmerizing acting, this ‘girl-next-door’ has inspired many K-drama fans to be just like her!

Here are 10 facts you might not know about sunny Park Shin-hye.

Her ‘heart racing’ romantic scenes in hit drama series

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She plays leading characters in these dramas with the hottest actors including Jang Geun-suk, Lee Minho, and Lee Jong-suk.

  • He’s Beautiful – disguising herself as her twin brother in an all-boy rock band
  • The Heirs – being in a unrequited relationship with the son of a chaebol family
  • Pinocchio – working as a reporter and has a Pinnochio Syndrome (starts to hiccup when she lies)

Watch the full episodes of The Heirs here or Download the Viu app

What makes her even more sweet and beautiful is that she sang the dramas’ OSTs – Lovely Day, Without Words, Story, and Love is Like Snow.

Watch the full episodes of Pinocchio here or Download the Viu app

The ‘push and pull’ romance is one of her best portrayals in conveying relationships with loved ones. Within seconds, you will get overly excited while watching the warm hugs and passionate kissing scenes!

She is Mamonde’s brand ambassador

(Source: Mamonde Malaysia YouTube)

She has been a brand ambassador for Korean makeup brand Mamonde since 2014. She wore Mamonde makeup in The Heirs, Pinocchio, and Doctors. The Mamonde lip tint is her favourite!

During her filming in Doctors, she posted a selfie with her Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint #6 Pin Spot on her Instagram. Thanks to the ‘Park Shin-hye’ effect, Mamonde lip tints were sold out fast like hot cakes.

She does her daily skincare routine to keep her skin vibrant and healthy. She focuses on putting makeup on her lips to brighten up her features.

She returned as a beautiful and feisty doctor

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Since Pinocchio ended, she has traveled around the world, graduated from college, attended events, and modeled for fashion photo shoots. In 2016, she made her first small screen comeback in medical romance Doctors.

She plays a troubled teenager who later becomes a successful neurosurgeon overcoming challenges in love and work.

Her action moves and sharp-edged lines are absolutely mind-blowing!  She is great in portraying the blossoming romance with Kim Rae-won and the friendly rival with Jin Seo-woo.

She is a huge Kia Tigers baseball fan

Park Shin-hye - Baseball

(Source: Soompi)

In 2006, she was the opening pitcher for Kia Tiger’s match with Hanhwa Eagles. She was nicknamed ‘Randy Shin Hye’ (after Randy Johnson, a famous MLB player) because of her amazing left-handed pitching skills.

Later, in June 2012, she contacted the Kia Tigers baseball team via Twitter in hopes she can be invited to be its opening pitcher. Her wish finally came true! She opened the match at one of the Kia Tiger’s baseball matches with Samsung Lion.

Now you know that she LOVES baseball!

P.S She also loves soccer and bowling!

She gives warmth in My Annoying Brother

Park Shin-hye - My Annoying Brother

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She plays a small role in comedy and brotherly love My Annoying Brother. In it she is Doo-young’s (EXO’s DO) former judo coach who gets into a quirky romance with Doo-sik (Cho Jung-seok).

She has less screen time in this film but she shows great growth and change in her character. She is very enthusiastic in the comedic scenes. She gives plenty of laughter to the two brothers.

She does cute and sexy dances

(Source: Kring Elenzano YouTube)

YES, she can dance! She mostly shows her moves at the fan meetings.

She did a number of K-pop idol dance performances including Girls’ Generation Gee and Genie, Hyuna’s Bubble Pop, and Sistar’s Alone. She also did the ‘Sha Sha Sha’ dance to TWICE’s Cheer Up on Naver VLive after Doctors had more than 15% viewership rate!

She does sexy dances, too. She performed Beyonce’s Why Don’t You Love Me and Nicki Minaj’s Turn Me On at the 2011 Melon Music Awards and Kpop Collection in Okinawa 2012.

She took the most challenging role in Blackened Heart

Park Shin-hye - Blackened Heart

(Source: Han Cinema)

She starred in her latest crime drama Blackened Heart, a remake of 2013’s Chinese film Silent Witness, with veteran actor Choi Min-sik.

Playing as a rookie defense attorney Hee-jeong, she is hired by businessman Im Tae-san to clear his daughter’s name in court. She goes through an emotional and mental battle in proving that his daughter did not kill his fiancée. At the same time, she has to handle the pressure by Im Tae-san.

With her headstrong chemistry with Choi Min-sik, this is one of her most impressive performances on the big screen. This could be a great start for her to portray more serious and melancholy roles in future works.

She is currently dating actor Choi Tae-joon

Park Shin-hye - Choi Tae-joon

(Source: Soompi)

Early last month, she is reported to be in a relationship with actor Choi Tae-joon. They studied theatre arts together at Chung Ang University and became close friends after debut.

Before the dating rumours broke out, they went on quiet dates and hung out with their acquaintances.

They have been romantically together for almost a year!

She enjoys the farm life in Jeongseon Village

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She appeared as a guest in Na PD’s Three Meals a Day in Jeongseon Village 2. Staying there for a few days, she helped Lee Seo-jin, Ok Taecyeon, and Kim Kwang-kyu prepare home-cooked meals.

She does everything at the farm – taking care of the farm animals, picking fresh ingredients at the garden, cooking simple dishes, make kimchi from scratch, AND build a brick oven. The guys are so impressed with her skills. She also made these guys smile from ear to ear! She is definitely an ideal housewife.

She is out in the woods with bare necessities

Park Shin-hye - Little House in the Forest

(Source: Soompi)

Directed by Na PD, she goes on an isolated getaway in Little House in the Forest. Without electricity, gas, and running water, she survives in the middle of the woods at Jeju Island. She has to give up a lot of stuff that she brought from home and keep minimal items (such as basic clothing and toiletries). She searches and gathers natural resources nearby her house.

In her ‘healing’ trip, she experiences the wonders of nature and appreciates its beautiful landscape. Being away from the bustling city, she finds happiness by living less.

Park Shin-hye has the inner and outer beauty that warms the viewers’ hearts with compassion. We love everything about her including her cheerful aura and charismatic acting.

Tell us why Park Shin-hye is one of your favourite Korean actresses.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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