8 Amazing Facts about Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon - Feature Image
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Park Seo-joon is one of the most popular up-and-coming actors to look out for. We’ve only recently started to notice him thanks to his major appearances in some of the highest-rated and most talked-about Korean dramas as well as his first appearance in a Korean variety.

Here are 8 amazing facts about the dreamy Park Seo-joon.

He had his first lead acting role in A Witch’s Romance

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Acting alongside actress Uhm Jung-hwa, known as Korea’s Madonna, he plays Dong-ha who fulfils any errands even if they’re absolutely ridiculous. He is asked by career-driven reporter Ji-yeon, who is left heartbroken after her boyfriend disappeared at the wedding, to be her ‘date’.

The noona and dongsaeng romance will leave you with goose bumps. Their intense flirting and kissing scenes definitely made all the ladies jealous.

Viewers are surprised by his funny charms in Kill Me, Heal Me

Park Seo-joon - Kill Me, Heal Me

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He acts Ri-jin’s twin older brother, Ri-on who works as a mystery novelist. He looks into the Seungjin family and seeks answers for his upcoming novel.

His notable style of parting his fringe, the quarrels and fights with Ri-jin, while being ‘romantically’ tortured by Yo-na (one of Do-hyun’s personalities) are recognized with his funny charms that make every scene memorable.

His funny and humble personality in this role definitely played a part in pushing him be a better actor.

The bromance with his close friends is strong

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Many people whom he had worked with, including actors, became best buddies because of his enthusiastic and optimistic personality.

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You can see how caring he is to his friends on set and outside filming including his close friendship with other actors in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and actor Kang Ha-neul in Midnight Runners. Despite having busy schedules, they still find the time to hang out together.

In February 2018, he went on a vacation with Park Hyung-sik and Kim Tae-hyung at a beach. He also attended actor Lee Hyun-woo’s first solo fan meeting as his special guest before he was enlisted to the military.

Fight for My Way kickstarted his rise to stardom

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He rose to fame thanks to his leading role in Fight for My Way which won big time at the KBS Drama Awards 2017.

Acting as Dong-man, he looks out for his childhood friend Ae-ra anytime, anywhere especially when she is in trouble. His chemistry with actress Kim Ji-won is lovable. They portray a realistic couple through their cheeky and adorable gestures in loving each other. Even their small arguments are too cute to watch!

He works part-time in Youn’s Kitchen 2

Park Seo-joon - Youn's Kitchen 2

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Na Young-seok PD invited him to be the cast of Youn’s Kitchen 2 with actress Youn Yuh-jung, actor Lee Soo-jin, and actress Jung Yoo-mi. They run a Korean restaurant in Garachico, Spain.

The locals and tourists sure love this handsome part-time waiter who knows how to take orders, serve the mouth-watering dishes, and help out in the kitchen. The fact that he could speak a little Spanish simply was icing on the cake.

You will fall in love with him even more while he works out in the early mornings and travels during his free time.

He gets closer with his fans through his Instagram profile

He has his own Instagram profile where he shares his posts about his work and personal life. He often promotes his on-screen activities, current events (including watching a live sports match at the Pyeongchang Olympics), and modelling for magazines and commercials.

You will also admire his athletic vibe while he is working out, his stylish outfits, his love for travel, and the bromance with his close friends.

He sings amazing dramas’ OSTs

(Source: KBS World YouTube)

He took part in singing a couple of OSTs in these dramas.

  • New Dreaming for Dream High 2
  • Come into My Heart for A Witch’s Love
  • Letting You Go for Kill Me, Heal Me
  • Long Way for She Was Pretty
  • Our Tears for Hwarang: The Poet of Youth

Hearing his sweet honey voice makes your heart melt. Amazed by his talent, you’ll wish that he would debut as a singer with his 1st full album!

He is confirmed to be starring in an upcoming novel-adapted series

Park Seo-joon - Upcoming Drama Why Secretary Kim

(Source: AllKpop)

He has agreed to act in the tvN’s Why Secretary Kim which is planned to premier in late-May.

He will be acting as a rich, handsome, and arrogant vice president who wonders why his secretary Mi-so decided to quit.

His role is similar to the his previous one in She Was Pretty. Watch how he plays a fashionable deputy chief editor for The Most magazine.

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With his past acting experiences in portraying a ‘boss’ role, he will surely put out his outstanding acting skills in playing his leading character in Why Secretary Kim.

We are excited to see how he portrays this interesting office romance and to see his chemistry with actress Park Min-young.

Park Seo-joon is an aspiring all-star celebrity – a humble person with an outgoing personality who keeps himself at pace with his work and personal life. He is definitely one of the most ideal K-drama oppas!

Tell us what you like about Park Seo-joon. Which Seo-joon’s on-screen roles are your favourite?

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