Here are 4 reasons to watch Her Private Life – the most unmissable K-drama series ever!

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“Her Private Life” has been sweeping the hearts of many k-fans and to be exact, Kim Jae Wook’s character as Ryan Gold has done a pretty good job in attracting the viewers with his irresistible charm. Not forgetting the ultimate fangirl, Sung Duk Mi, who hides her identity to keep her regular job as a museum curator played by Park Min Young. From being a fake couple to slowly transforming into a real couple, viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with Kim Jae Wook’s warm heart despite his cold outer persona, as well as their affectionate chemistry on screen. These moments made viewers excited and their hearts pounding for more romantic moments in this drama.

1) Kim Jae Wook’s dual charming personality that makes the viewers’ hearts race.

Ryan Gold first met Sung Duk Mi at an art auction stirred by a small misunderstanding that caused Sung Duk Mi to have an unforgettable impression of Ryan. Not only did he captivate Duk Mi’s attention with his arrogant yet sexy attitude, he also captured the audience with his double-edged tongue, leaving viewers at the edge of their seats as they wonder what his next move will be. However, their ill-fated relationship continues when Ryan joins Chaeum Art Gallery as the newly-appointed director. Some key moments in the drama revealed his inner warmth despite his initial impression of being prickly and having a self-centered attitude.

2) A real couple look-alike even behind the scenes

Photos of Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young’s filming behind-the-scene were posted on May 19, 2019. Guess what? The chemistry between the two of them are undeniable even when they’re off-camera, and often gained praises from the staff for their stellar performance together.

3) The show continues to top the chart as the most buzzworthy TV Drama of all time.

The series has been topping the index for the past two weeks casting out 28 currently airing television dramas and is the most talked about drama. It has been gaining high ratings of 10.6% – highest by far every week!

4) Love hits when you least expect it

In this case, Sung Duk Mi is just an ordinary fangirl who has high standards for love and finds it hard to fall in love, let alone make her heart flutter. Little did she know, she falls in love with the man she least expected to, and above all, a man who is of stark contrast to her ideal type. But when she does, she loves fiercely and, ultimately, her boyfriend becomes her idol.

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