10 Romantic ‘My Girl (TH)’ Scenes We Love

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The Thai version of My Girl has made the viewers’ heart race because of its most romantic and sweetest scenes. From pretending to be cousins to officially being together, there are plenty of love sparks and chemistry between Phu and Linen.

We have rounded the 10 most romantic scenes that will make you feel heart flutter.

Love sparks under the pouring rain

My Girl - Rain Scene

Sudden downpour comes in whilst on their way to a passer-by’s house. Phu protects Linen from the cold by giving her his jacket and taking a huge cloth to cover over their heads. At that moment, they look into each other’s eyes and almost going to have their FIRST kiss.

Thanks to the rain, this is just their beginning in feeling the love like electricity.

Gazing at you like the stars

My Girl - Stars Gazing

Phu and Linen take a night stroll around the village where they’re stranded. She runs towards the beach to see the starry night sky. Meanwhile, Phu can’t stop but glancing at her. They suddenly look at each other’s eyes. Linen feels the romantic jitters and breaks away from his gaze.

Looks like a perfect date – two lovebirds watching the stars and exchanging love signals under the night sky together.

First ‘accidental’ kiss

My Girl - Accidental Kiss

Linen gulfs down her breakfast before heading out to accompany Phu’s grandfather on his check-up. Phu approaches her while she is eating. Startled by his appearance, she turns her head and her lips brush his cheek.

Now that’s an ‘oopsie-daisy peck on the cheek’ move right here.

Falling into your arms in the speed of light

My Girl - Falling Into Your Arms

During a business trip in Chiang Mai, Linen tells the red truck driver to drive faster as they are in a hurry. Phu can’t take it but she keeps asking the driver to drive even faster than before. Her cheekiness and the driver’s speed cause her to fall right into Phu’s arms. This is the moment where they discover how complicated their feelings are.

What a way to speed things up so they truly know how they feel for each other.

Carousel kiss

My Girl - Carousel Kiss

The moment you all been waiting for. FINALLY! Their FIRST real kiss!

The carousel, where Phu and Linen are riding, comes to a stop and Linen falls into Phu’s arms. They stare at each other, making you shouting at the screen, “Just kiss already!”. You can’t help but get frustrated when Linen’s phone interrupts their romantic moment. Later, the carousel jolts and, again, Linen falls into his arms. Phu makes his move by giving her the smooch and their lips touch!

Their first sweet kiss is the start of their relationship.

Giving you a Winter Wonderland

My Girl - Snowglobe

Phu surprises her with a snow globe after learning that Linen was born when it was snowing. As long as she shakes the snow globe, in this world, it will always be her birthday. He looks at her and smiles while she excitedly shakes her lovely gift.

Imagine them going on a getaway to a magical wonderland filled with glistening crystal snow.

Lending a shoulder to rest your head

My Girl - Shoulder Headrest

At the cinema, Linen is bored to death till she falls asleep. She keeps nodding off and leaning towards Phu. He moves his shoulder towards her head so she can rest on his. But no matter how he tries, she moves to the other side. Mark then grabs the opportunity by having Linen rest on his shoulder, leaving Phu alone with his sad heart and continues watching the rest of the film.

We love a guy lending us his shoulder to rest on and watching us closely while we are sleeping.

Three words and a kiss

My Girl - Three Words and a Kiss

While being informed that there is a snowstorm in China, Phu realises that he can’t forget about Linen. He immediately rushes to Linen after her engagement ceremony with Mark. He declares his love to Linen and they kiss!

So simple and straightforward. They have to say it and kiss before it’s too late.

‘I won’t let you go anywhere’ backhug

My Girl - Backhug

Few years later, Phu and Linen run into each other at the airport. Knowing that they can’t be together, Linen pretends as if she’s no longer in love with Phu. Suddenly, Phu does what he should have done a long time ago. He runs to her, back-hugs her, and says “I won’t let you go anywhere”. Linen tears up at his confession.

How can you say no to a warm embrace from behind and being convinced that your dream guy won’t let go of you?

‘I hate you’ confession of love

My Girl - 'I Hate You' Love Confession

Phu and Linen are finally together! On a snowy day, he serenades her with a love song and tells her how much he ‘hates’ her. He even says that he sleeps so well without her in his life. She smiles and tells him that this is the worst love confession ever.

LOL, where can you find a guy like Phu to tell you how much he appreciates you?

Sweet and romantic, you definitely enjoy watching the leading drama couple’s blossoming romance. Start binge-watching romantic comedy My Girl (TH) on Viu now!

What is your favourite romantic scene in My Girl (TH)? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Lu Yin Wai

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